Horizontal percolation apparatus of geotechnological composite material

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First, applicable scope:
The geotechnological composite material horizontal percolation apparatus is suitable for determining geotechnological fabric and plastic drain board fail and lead the characteristic of the waterflow in the direction of their levels.
1,This test is used for determining certain law acts on the geotechnological fabric under to the pressure in often top-quality horizontal osmotic coefficient that flows of water and leads water rate.
2,This test is suitable for all kinds of geotechnological fabrics with conveyance power of water in horizontal direction and geotechnological and compound products.
3,The sample quantity and size: Cut out, obey plane separately, to the intersection of sample and 3 respectively, when the sample is thinner to horizontal machine, should fetch, overlap, carry on test for a series of by 2 or 3 sample, should corresponding all cut out 6 or 9 sample at this moment;
3,The sample size is not smaller than 300


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