Marshall's stability appearance of mixture of pitch

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Marshall's stability appearance of pitch mixture of the Model LWD-3

There is overload protection, have dropped the location to protect. Easy and simple to handle, the test data are accurate, the characteristic is stable and reliable. The instrument tests automatically, reveals and prints stability and correspondent rhe and draws the coordinate curve chart that the test piece is deformed. Can store the test results of 15 groups of planning systems. The large-scale liquid crystal, in order to reject and reveal curve stability and flow. Rise and drop the function manually, can make the tray in the suitable position. Rhe measures two kinds of single channels and double-channels. Allocate the miniature printer.

Main technical parameter: 1. Climbing speed: (50 5) mm/min2. The pressure head diameter: (101.6 0.2) Mm (152.4 0.2) Mm thaws freeze the test fixture and mixes 3 separately. Maximum pressure: 30KN 50KN; Precision: 1%4. Rhe range: 0-15.00mm; Precision: 0.1mm

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