Gyro wheel balance Unpowered roller barrel The electron calls the conveyer belt

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Gyro wheel balance Unpowered roller barrel The electron calls the conveyer belt 3, The conveyer of the cylinder, are divided into power cylinder conveyer and unpowered cylinder conveyer 4, chain-and-flight conveyer, can be divided into: The intersection of POM and chain conveyor, stainless steel chain conveyor, chain plate turn conveyer 5, gush out one yard of conveyers, the bottom of the bottle gushes out one yard of conveyers, insert the bottle and gush out one yard of conveyers, the egg gushes out one yard of conveyers, gush out yard and dry the conveyer, frequency conversion gushes out one yard of conveyers, add the conveyer of the bus, the bottom gushes out one yard of conveyers 6, can order conveyer of all kinds of food, medicines conveyer, the conveyer project, belt conveyer, conveyer belt, dry the conveying equipment, the conveyer, conveying equipment, transmit the apparatus, the conveyer, chain conveyer,etc. 7, framework can choose materials such as the stainless steel, aluminium alloy,etc., the belt can choose PVC or PU, the network chain can be chosen: Stainless steel network chains or iron Fluorine tangential belts, the chain plate can be chosen: POM chain plate or stainless steel chain plate; The cylinder can choose galvanization or stainless steel,etc.. 8,Electric apparatus respect adopts a little special micromotor of Beijing or a Nation electrical machinery to transmit, can choose and import brands, speed governing way, available electronic speed governing or speed regulation by frequency variation, the frequency converter adopts and imports the frequency converter, 9, can ask having confidentially made to order according to all kinds of transport, in order to pursue to make things, or in order to investigate live cipher scheme,etc. 10, our company have specialized design groups, specialized production management group, specialized marketing group, the group after the specialized pin, believe it is the best choice roller balance product specification of your conveyer demand: Weigh 0. 1t 0. 3t 0. 5t 1t sense amount 0. 05kg 0. 1kg 0. 1kg 0. Size 1 of 2kg mesa. 3m*0. 65m, the special specification can make to order the relevant products: Alarm balance is quantitative measure the balance, the cylinder transports the electronic scale of the platform, the upper and lower limit functions of product introduction of roller balance of electronic scale of assembly line; 100%. FS. Peel and peel the function in advance; The automatic zero is followed the trail of; Weigh and divide scale value into while being arbitrary ' Magnitude of error) ; The mesa is customizable in size; Fixable roller of surface of mesa or apt slippery device; The contact surface of products is SUS304 stainless steel; Gyro wheel balance Unpowered roller barrel The electron calls the conveyer belt Good news! ! ! Good news! ! ! Shanghai does solid work the weigher brand is promoted, ultralow special price, the large price of quantity is excellent, there is a big gift that waits for you to take even more! ! ! Still waiting for anything, take action! ! ! The special price of the new product is promoted, overbalanced special price, come to rush to purchase quickly! ! ! The quantity is limited, are sold off and stopped promptly! ! ! Want to purchase it rapidly! ! ! Want to buy the electronic scale, does not know what brand is good, does not understand the relevant disposition of the electronic scale, it doesn't matter, come to Shanghai to do solid work in Industrial Co., Ltd! So long as you tell us in which places your requirements for electronic scale, use are, we will make one of your exclusive electronic scales for your quantity body, the entity deals in, quality assurance! Material benefit of the price! You - -Credible! ! ! What you want to try to win sb.'s favor, quality is guaranteed, electronic scale of material benefit of price, your compliment after sale and strong, that still waits for anything, come to Shanghai to do solid work! ! ! The new product goes on the market, the special price of the brand, quantity are limited, sell stopping promptly, good gift off to send, do not wait! ! ! Quality is the lifeblood of enterprise's development, it is the guarantee of staff's life. Gyro wheel balance Unpowered roller barrel The electron calls the conveyer belt If you have any doubt on products of our company, or there are any opinions or suggestions on our service, welcoming you to get in touch with us directly, we will serve you wholeheartedly. Operation time: From Monday to Saturday ' 8: 00-17: 00)24-hour service hotline: 13482422422 saling hot lines: 021-67689703 customer service postboxes: website: http:/

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