Practical tensile testing machine of WH8102 microcomputer

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Practical tensile testing machine of WH-8102 microcomputer

Practical tensile testing machine of WH-8102 microcomputer

Have another name called: Pulling force machine, tensile testing machine, single pole pulling force machine, the tensile testing machine of electronic formula

Function use:

Suitable for to rubber, plastics, the intersection of aluminium and plastic pipe, composite material, waterproof material, prevent thing, materials such as yarn, the fiber, electrical wire and cable, paper, the spring, timber, packaging material, the gummed tape,etc. are drawn, compress, crooked, shear, tearing, the test of mechanics property that strip,etc., it can realize the permanent stress, meet an emergency permanently, creep, many closed loops of relaxing etc. are tested, still can finish turning back after disposing the special device, such test subjects as the cup is dashed for ward.

According to the standard:

According to GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, waits for the standard to find and draw and resist the intensity automatically, proof stress, elongation rate, extend the stress definitely, the stress is extended definitely, the modulus isoparameter of the spring.

Characteristic characteristic:

1.Outstanding appearance design. Our company has been paying attention to the appearance model of the products very much all the time for many years, has developed a lot of products that can compare favourably with foreign model, the surface is gushed out and pursued of static;

2.Key spare part. The famous brand of adopting world and burning, such as Panasonic's servo system, Quan's load cell generation, nanometer accuses of optical-electricity encoder,etc..

3.The hold-in range deceleration of the arcuate dental pattern is systematic, it is high in efficiency that have, longe-lived, the noise is low, non-maintaining advantage. At present, a lot of domestic counterparts are still continuing using the endless screw reducer of the worm gear now. Its major cause is that their servo system still adopts the control mode of the simulation speed at present, because inherent zero of analog control floats, lack proper care, it is unable to realize an absolute a speed, so must utilize the auto-lock effect of the worm gear endless screw to park. And what we adopted is purely numberical phase locked loop position pulse control pattern, there is not zero to float, have not lacked proper care.

4.Adopt the high-accuracy ball threaded bolt to load, load steadily, the testing machine is longe-lived, long-term good stability and energy-conservation.

5.Many kinds of protection measures. For instance: Various electricity of power links are protected, the partial abnormal load of the software, ultra displacement is protected, machinery forces safe limit protection,etc..

6.Simple, reliable, powerful user operation interface.

7.The cope detached column structure of the desk is esthetic and exquisite, the seat is operated, it is light naturally.

8.This system all right N, LB, KG changes freely.

Specification parameter:

1. Loading yuan: 50-5000N section apolegamy

2. Strength resolution: 1/1000

3. The accuracy grade of strength:

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