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The vast source Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. of the money of Hubei, it is the enterprises of a specializing in water-controlledly machine, it research and develop until intelligent card getting water-controlled and varied and getting water-controlled for main fact and IC card getting water-controlled integrative type and getting water-controlled independently, intellectual water-controlled machine, when the products. Integrative type and getting water-controlled, ic intelligence getting water-controlled in card, the intersection of intelligent card and getting water-controlled products that our company research and develop newly one of. Extensively suitable for the school, factory, hotel, apartment, when the place. Good characteristic and quality its, to favorably notice unanimously customer, IC card getting water-controlled as leading product of company among them, been keeping stable sales amount and extensive rate of utilization all the time. For all universities, colleges, junior colleges and special secondary schools, factory, save the expensive water resource of assuaring. Ours still and many famous water source heat pump and heat pump producer of the air source cooperate directly, and a series of high-quality service of it is after sale to offer high-quality installation to design ng etc., can also design and install constructing and make the investment etc. according to customer's demand. Welcome to call to consult!

Getting water-controlled variety as follows, water-controlled, the IC card is water-controlled, intelligence is water-controlled, Hubei is water-controlled, Wuhan is water-controlled, anti-stealing is water-controlled, Huanggang is water-controlled, the school is water-controlled, the factory is water-controlled, the apartment is water-controlled, integrative type and water-controlled, intelligence is water-controlled, the brand is water-controlled, high-quality water-controlled, low price getting water-controlled and the intersection of school and getting water-controlled system, specialized and getting water-controlled specializing in getting water-controlled, yellow Bei getting water-controlled and IC card getting water-controlled electronically getting water-controlled,

The intersection of intelligent card and getting water-controlled getting water-controlled 7570C, the parameter

Technical parameter:

Type: 7570C ambient temperature: 0 - 70

Charging way: Time / measure the environmental relative humidity:

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