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Shanghai is a high-tech enterprise incorporating industrial automation instrument and relevant products developing, producing, making, sale service into an organic whole towards outstanding automation. Company has a keen-witted and capable efficient scientific research team, possess rich technological development, type approval and inter-trade ability that expands. Shanghai is with its rich technical force and high-quality electricity in China of after service towards outstanding automation, fields such as the chemical industry, metallurgy, oil refining, food, medicines, building materials, papermaking, hygiene, scientific research, laboratory,etc. have a large number of customers, products and service spread all over more than 20 province and city in the whole country, several hundred large-scale enterprises. Do our products mainly have a recording meter of paper | Recording meter of the color screen | Temperature recorder | Warm hygrograph | Pressure recorder | Recording meter of the electric current voltage | There is recording meter of paper | Flowrate ( Heat energy) What we pursued is to offer the high-quality products for two major series of integrating instruments and digital display meter polling instruments and signal transducer isolaters,etc., and technological solution of mostly providing service, please consult our hot-line in the details 021-31255956/67818376/1376146 9088 website: / www.wzjly.cnSoil warm hygrograph of multi-point C202B serial walkie humiture data loggers are specially designed to exceed low power consumption, exceed the data logger serial products of data recording of the humiture for a long time. This product can gather and record the temperature, humidity parameter regularly according to the time interval of configuration, can gather the data recorded to convey to the process of computer, will draw the chart; Apply to the agricultural laboratory extensively, the medical warehouse, environmental protection, health epidemic prevention, the storage is transported, fields such as the museum, the greenhouse,etc.. This product chooses and imports the sensor, imports for the 5th of high energy lithium helps users change battery-drivenly on later stage, adopt the technical design of low power consumption, does not need external source, the volume is small and exquisite, Overall Power Consumption is small, the precision is high, can work for more than three years continuously, and can customize built-in warning function and externally positioned warning function,etc.. Multi-point the intersection of soil and humiture record appearance C202B serial walkie the intersection of humiture and data logger related recording data analyse and process the software (software is offered free already, offer the free lifetime staging service) ,Adopt popular windows interface; Can be through operating briefly, finish the working condition of the walkie data logger to set up, the historical data which finishes the data logger is read, it can read the present measurement parameter which is wired the recording meter. The historical data read can be exported according to text or excel form, deal with the data through Microsoft excel procedure, draw the broken line picture, cake picture, carry on curve fit,etc.. C202B serial warm hygrograph specifications, the humidity: Measurement limit: 0- 100% RH, precision: / - 3% RH, definition: 0.1% of probes of warm hygrograph humidity of RH multi-point soil: Ni Will HIH4000 Huo. The temperature, measurement limit: -40 - 100 (a externally positioned probe at 100 ) Precision: / - 0.5 , distinguishing rate: 0.1 temperature probe: Pt1000, the Temperature Humidity Sensor can be customized according to customer's request built-in and externally positionedly. C202B serial warm hygrographs have main function: Record the capacity: 30000, record the time interval: Adjustable from one second to 10 hours, record the time of time delay: Adjustable from one second to 10 hours. Interface of communication : RS232 (RS232 transfers to the USB interface) ; Battery life-span: Recording channel in 3 years: 2 passways. The operating temperature of the instrument: -10 to 70

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