50 kilograms of casting iron weights and 500 kilograms of casting iron weights of Hebei

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50 kilograms of casting iron weights of Hebei, 500 kilograms of casting iron weights

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Weight grade: E2, F1, F2, M1, M2

The weight includes: Standard weight, round weight, the intersection of lock type and weight, stick together again weight, stainless steel weight, steel chrome-plated weight

IR2 is 5 to 50kg parallelepiped weights. It passed in the third cosmos made in world measured the conference in October of 1968 too like IR1, measure and adopt and revise the edition at the conference about the fourth cosmos international law of October of 1972. 5 to 50kg specified weights are in medium-sized accuracy grade class too in this world proposes, called the M2 grade weight. The nominal value of the weight is 5, 10, 20, 50kg, the shape is the parallelepiped of the handle, the material is the grey cast iron. The weight tape adjusts the lumen, open on the side, five grade weight quality 2\ 3 of the permissible deviation is close that the weight is converted in the permissible error of quality and JJG99-81 weight verification rules of our country.

Weight selector used for laboratory and precision balance of weight

Weight material: JF-1 does not have magnetism stainless steel standard weight There is no magnetism stainless steel standard weight Stainless steel standard weight Steel chrome-plated standard weight Casting iron standard weight

Material magnetical susceptibility

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