EFT-404CX group pulse generator

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The characteristic of EFT-404CX group pulse generator:

1.Meet the international standard and develop the dynamic demand newly, the output waveform accords with 50 and 1k and supports and tests the requirement strictly; 2.Realize intact three-phase to be five-wire system network built-in, high limit satisfied with users test the demand; 3.The design idea of hardened thief's principal and subordinate, adopt modularizedly and design the framework, convenient maintenance and upgrading; 4.Exceeds 5.6 of High-contrast " Colored touch-sensitive screen offers the human with strong friendship to control interfaces; 5.Interface write test procedure fast directly, really realize and test that operates intellectuality; 6.The interface of standard RS232, offers windows concurrent implementation upper computer of software to operate, the test report of automatic generation. Technical parameter:
Type EFT-404CB
Output voltage 0- 4800V
Impulse frequency 0.5kHz 1000kHz is adjustable continuously
Pulse polarity It is positive /defeat /alternative
Internal resistance 50 20%
Pulse front edge 5ns 30%
Impulse width ( In 50) 50ns 30%
Impulse width ( In 1k) 35ns- 150ns
Burst length 1,When f is less than or equal to 20kHz, the wide control band of cluster is 0.01ms 20ms; 2,At it last 1000kHz 20kHz
Pulse series cycle 0.20s 99.99s is adjustable continuously
The angle is poured into It is asynchronous /move ahead simultaneously,0~359 degrees, marching, as every one
Test function Interfere with arbitrarily programme-controlled pouring into, IEC tests the grade is built-in,
Coupling / decoupling network Built-in, five three-phase passways, 16A

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