Beijing 30 kilogram electronic platform scale ' Stainless steel unexplosive platform scale)

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Beijing 30 kilogram electronic platform scale ' Stainless steel unexplosive platform scale)
Great to hit weigher, produce industry, weigher and the intersection of weighing capacity and systematic product that commerce use all kinds of mainly. Inheriting in macro constantly " Mature technology, advanced instrument, outstanding talent, scientific management make and produce first-class products and first-class service " Offer value for society.
Type: TCS
Quantum: 30kg-500kg
The electronic platform scale includes: Stainless steel platform scale, waterproof platform scale, unexplosive platform scale, take the platform scale of the printing
Count the Radix Scrophulariae balance
Can charge storage battery while being built-in, can starting up use charge.
Automatic reset of starting up.
The zero is autotracked.
Count heavy, count, percentage switching functionality; There is weight that sorts the function while counting heavily.
Power: Exchange 220V ' 10%) /50Hz; Direct-flow 6V/4Ah (can charge the storage battery to dispose)
Operating temperature range: From 0 to 40 .
Relatively working humidity: Less than or equal to 85% RH.
Mesa size: 350* 450mm, 450* 600mm, 600* 600mm
Amount is weighed (kg) Number of divisions (d) Divide the scale value (g) Accuracy class
Electronic a platform scale ' Type: TCS-A12)
High-accuracy A/D changes, the readability reaches 1/30000
Call yard reveal convenient, observe and analyze the permissible deviation in place of the intersection of discrimination and weight inside
Special software engineering, the anti-vibration ability of the enhancement system
Zero bit tracking coverage, zero setting ( Starting up / manual drive) Range, can be set up separately
The speed, range and stable time of the numerical filtering can be set up
Weigh and count the function by the way; (one-off weight gives up electric protection)
Many kinds of modes in a poor light can be chosen
Can charge at random; Have pointing out and protective device of voltage shortage
Random arrangement 6V/4AH maintenance-free battery
Apolegamy RS-232 communication interface, baud rate is available, communication way is available
Apolegamy 20mA electric current loop large screen communication interface;
The additional function selects the fittings:
Printer: Used for printing the data form of the weight
Display unit: Meet and does not offer more needs the occasion
Weigh the software: Used in machine format further treatment of the weight, storing, transmitting,etc.
Interface: RS-232 (including RTC) Interface, connect the computer
Alarm lamp: Trichromatism warning light
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