Testing machine of strength of materials of road pavement

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Testing machine of strength of materials of YZM-2B road pavement

Adopt advanced computer technology to combine with high-accuracy sensor. There is overload protection, have dropped the location to protect. Easy to operate, the test data are accurate, the characteristic is stable and reliable. The instrument tests automatically, reveals degree and prints pressure and correspondent rhe, draws the coordinate curve chart that the test piece is deformed. Store the test results of 15 groups of test pieces. Pressure and rhe of digital display. Have two displacement pick-off, can make pressure-proof, thunderbolt, Marshall the intersection of stability test and CBR bear the weight of than, the modulus of resilience is five kinds of tests. There are two kinds of speeds of fast and slow speed. Rhe is measured for the sensor of the high-accuracy draw bar. Allocate the miniature printer.

Main technical parameter: The rated load of maximum: 99.99KN; The measurement limit of displacement: The migration length of 0-15mm threaded bolt maximum: 200mm flexible speed: Fast 50mm/min; Slow speed: 1mm/min manual speed: 0.1mm / each electrical machinery specification of winder handle: 550W AC380V 1400r/min printer: Built-in 16 type

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