30 kilograms in Changshu count the heavy electronic scale

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30 kilograms count the heavy electronic scale

The description of products:
Have simple and easy function that counts, counts the heavy and percentage.
Have function of checking the balance. (Can presume: HI, OK, LO three o'clock)
Have function that automatic correction, automatic zero point follow the trail of.
Have double overload protection functions.
Function that 15 sections of filtering stability regions presume.
Big liquid crystal 6 LCD(40mm)s The readability of clear display, have EL function in a poor light.
Design good transporting and protecting some functions.
There is double-colored LED that charges the instruction, can clear that point out the charge condition.

The company promises:

The company offers free; Technology consults, technological guidance!

The products quality are protected for one year, life-long maintenance!

Belonging to the commercial networks of the company can deliver goods to the customers free!

The company offers business of maintenance, maintenance,etc. that all kinds of electrons call!

Company name: Permanent silk electromechanics scientific and technological Co., Ltd. of Suzhou
Contact: Mr. QQ Liu: 562793
Tel.: 0512-65767592 13913592731

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Contacts: Mr. Liu GuangHui
Telephone: 86-0512-65767592
Mobile Phone: 13862158327
Fax: 86-0512-65764216
Zip: 215131
Address: The intersection of Jiangsu Province and the intersection of Suzhou and the intersection of city and the intersection of Suzhou and the intersection of city and urban the intersection of China and yuans of Luis 9 No.

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