Wagon balance of Fanyu | Hillock wagon balance of trailing plants | Nansha wagon balance

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Wagon balance of Fanyu | Hillock wagon balance of trailing plants | Nansha wagon balance

The brief introduction of wagon balance of Fanyu: The intersection of department and strength reach serial the intersection of Fanyu and wagon balance mainly until the whole steel construction module to weigh weighting platform and high-accuracy the intersection of resistance and strain gauge transducer, and high precision weigh control the display instrument to make up. Accurate, firm, defend doing the characteristic such as being strong of the fraud characteristic, can mix high performance and weigh the software according to the demand. The details are consulted: 1 8 9 2 2 5 2 4 6 6 6

The name of product: Guangzhou wagon balance | Wagon balance of Fanyu | Nansha wagon balance | Hillock wagon balance of trailing plants | Guangdong wagon balance

The classification of the wagon balance of Fanyu: Digital Fanyu wagon balance, analog Fanyu wagon balance, iron concrete mix structural Fanyu wagon balance, portable Fanyu wagon balance

The wagon balance of Fanyu is introduced in detail:

1.Digital Fanyu wagon balance:

Digital technique; Precision is high;

Defend doing the fraud remotely, resist the radio frequency to invade and harass;

The transmission distance is far, can realize intellectual control;

Reliable for a long time, convenient maintenance;

The body of balance uses the structure of U-type roof beam, the intensity is high, stiffness is good.

2,Analog Fanyu wagon balance:

The whole sealed type of stainless steel is waterproof resist rotten ability strongly;

Situation displays such as trends, underload, overloading,etc.;

Numerical filtering, automatic clear, the force-transmitting structure of resetting automatically;

The selfdiagnosis of trouble, resist twice and is struck by lightning the function.

3,The wagon balance of Fanyu of the reinforced concrete structure:

It is strong, longe-lived to resist rotten ability;

Good stability of the long term operation;

The structure is stable, dead weight is great, make position quasi, invariant, non-maintaining;

Resist and is struck by lightning, prevent the electronic device of sensor,etc. that the thunder and lightning causes from damaging.

The specification parameter of wagon balance of Fanyu:

Width: 3m, 3.2m, 3.4m length: 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m, 18m, 20m, 21m, 24m

Weigh the precision: 0.5-0.1% of OIML III trends

Weigh the range: 1t- 200t

After service:

Offer service of guaranteeing in one year, and lifetime Maintenance.

The consulting telephone of wagon balance of Fanyu: 18922524666 relies Sir, 0769-22276198, 21663198,

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