The carrier operation instruction Anqiu with balance takes the carrier of the balance

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The carrier operation instruction with balance, Anqiu brought the carrier of the balance

Balance technical indicator of forklift truck
1.Maximum capacity (Max) : 0.5T1T2T3T
2.Divide the scale value (e) 500G1KG2KG
3.III grade of the accuracy class
4.Working power (10V 30V) VDC
5.Definition 10kg, 20kg, 50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 500kg of charging capacity
6.Operating temperature of the sensor - 20 degree 80 degree
7.Operating temperature range - 20 degree 50 degree
The forklift truck balance makes up
1.Two pressure capsules, are used for determining the voltage variation of the vehicle carried hydraulic power system;
2.A proximity switch, when the luffing jib is lifted to rise to the proximity switch, the pressure data of system pair are gathered;
3.Vehicle carried instrument, the symmetrical heavy data are calculated, and demonstrate on the screen of the instrument that weighs the result
Acceptance standard:
1.Packaging, appearance, data plate, indicating that checks of the prototype machine
2.Check various devices of this prototype machine, confirm it is in conformity with file materials that the applicant offers.
3.Famous brand have should indicate name, the intersection of type and specification, factory of products, dispatch from the factory number, maximum capacity, minimum to weigh, assign scale value, the intersection of accuracy class and grader,etc..
4.Check each numerical key, function key and applied reliability of association in operational requirement of pressing the catalogue.
The forklift truck balance sells

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The carrier operation instruction with balance, Anqiu brought the carrier of the balance