Overladen axle heavy electron pound of highway of 20 tons of the Inner Mongol

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Overladen axle heavy electron pound of highway of 20 tons of the Inner Mongol

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Name: Electronic motor truck scale

Type: SCS

The electronic motor truck scale is classified: Walkie electronic motor truck scale, portable electronic motor truck scale, walkie axle load appearance, electronic axle load balance, car detector, walkie ground platform scale

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Walkie electronic motor truck scale technical parameter:

B's specified axle load: Greater than or equal to 30t

B's overload capacity: 150%

B is examined the current speed of vehicle maximum: 30kg/h, allows the wheel axle to stop on the weighting platform

B's static precision: OIML, grade

B's dynamic accuracy: Not lower than " dynamic motor truck scale " (JJG907-2003) Accuracy class of 5 grades of China. Repeatability is less than or equal to 5%; 0~20km/h is at the uniform velocity

B outputs and measures information: Axle load, axle group accelerate, overrun and differentiate labels etc. at heavy, whole car weight, axletree quantity, axial type, style, wheelbase, speed, date and time, data recording code number, vehicle

B's vehicle shares the minimum distance: 200mm

B system equipment working voltage adopts 200V ( 10%~15% V, 50C 2%) HE AC supply supplies power

B's operating temperature: -From 45 to 80

B's relatively working humidity: 95%RH

B's control equipment protection grade: IP65

B's weighing cell protection grade: IP68

Brief introduction of walkie motor truck scale balance: The platform scale widely used the load of highway transportation, control, enforce the law, check by expressway walkiely, the car safety performance measures, respects such as municipal good-for-nothing's garbage disposal,etc., the development and utilization of the axle load appearance is a road management department, it is convenient for departments such as municipal administration, the safety inspection,etc. to bring greatly, there are more appearance operating mode alternatives of axle load, the one commonly more used for most people is that the dynamic and inactive state wheel is measured, the dynamic and inactive state axle is measured, the long car completed car is measured. Axle load appearance oneself walkie and transmission over radio becomes advantages that the customer advocates.

Walkie ground platform scale platen: Use the aviation aluminium alloy material, the static behavior used mainly in the goods vehicle is weighed.

Walkie motor truck scale products:

1.Radix Scrophulariae of balance: 27Kg (singly)

2.Recommend the driving speed: 3-5 kilo per hours

3.The size of the products: The size Radix Scrophulariae of balance: 800* 350* 22mm instrument size: 430* 335* 170mm

4.Operating temperature: -20~60

5.Storage temperature: -30~80

6.Relative temperature:

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