Parametric tester FCC-3 type of the detonator

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Parametric tester FCC-3 type of the detonator

Mining test controller of parameter knotmeter of mining detonator of parametric tester of parametric tester of the tester detonator

Detonator parametric tester operation instruction. Before installing and using the detonator parametric tester products, please read the operation instruction of the products carefully!


The Model FCC-3 detonator parametric tester is used for checking and debugging a kind of non utility electric installation of energy-storing type detonator of electric capacity, can measure the peak voltage of the detonator at the same time, the time of supplying power, inputting can wash three parameters.

The detonator parametric tester which our company develops, it is bad to solve the repeatability of measurements that existed in the past, the easy to high-pressure pulse high order harmonic interference of the data, and the apt shortcoming of damaging etc. of components and parts. And make this product measure accurately, anti-interference is strong, the failure rate is low, longe-lived, characteristic such as being easy and simple to handle. It is coal, mine, water conservancy, building,etc. trade and detonator factory measure the indispensable apparatus that is maintained detonator.

Operating principle

Having increased power, signal in design of this instrument, exported three to isolate, the peak voltage is measured to keep, and level translates circuit technology, enclose the load resistance in the instrument, in order to imitate and blow up the total load of the loop at the time of the actual blast firing of the equivalent. This instrument has four shelves of switches, divides

Don't represent: 50 send, 100 send, 150 send, 200 take place. The intersection of instrument and detectable the intersection of high-power and detonator this, 500 take place, 1000 send, 3000 send, set up in the intersection of standard parameter and appearance, need to order separately.

Technical parameter

1,Service conditions

(1)Power: 220V

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