The copper foil of hand examines the thick appearance

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The gamut measures PCB substrate and is with the thickness of the copper plate on
Use the instrument to touch and cover the surface of the copper plate briefly, copper foil thickness value reveals on the colored screen at once
The battery can be charged and used for several hundred times repeatedly
Mm125 system includes the storage tank, battery charger and instrument
Display range: 1/8,1/4,1/3,1.0 ,2.0,3.0,4.0 and 5.0oz
Measure stiffness / flexibility / single-layer / cast-on-copper thickness in double layers and multilayer board immediately
Measurement time does not exceed one second to obtain the number value
The factory used for without the standard demanding checks
Chargeable battery and charger
Colored LCD display screen, benefit reading

Product specification: CopperCheck
Item Model: CopperCheck
Price: 0
Output: 100
The place of production: U.S.A.
Transport: Air transport
Pack: Import original packagingly
Minimum quantity: 1

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