Quotation of 30 tons of electronic wagon balances looks for the specialized weigher producer variety complete and after sale to come to inferior Tianjin to look for well

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The name of product: 30 electronic the intersection of wagon balance and quotation look for specialized the intersection of weigher and producer, variety come inferior Tianjin look for well while being after sale while being complete

Weigher superior characteristic and long-term stability, efficiency that reliability has not merely raised the trade of goods and materials of the business turn over of the industrial and mining enterprises and settled account, and can apply to the control of the production process and the integrated data-voice circuit-switched multiaccess communication system managements of enterprises thoroughly, fully meet the modernized weighing management expectancy. The high-accuracy motor truck scale products can be used under any severe environment, in order to protect your trade security. The suitability of the products is wide! Apply to places such as factory, mine, port quay, goods yard, warehouse,etc. extensively. Sold to every province, city and area of the whole country! Welcome the masses of customers to consult and order!

Digital characteristic of wagon balance of the car

1,Digitized communication technology

Adopt RS485 bus line technology, realize the distant transmission of the signal, transmit and is not smaller than 1000 meters;

The signal amplitude of the output digit reaches 3- 4V, strengthens antijamming capability, the improvement system defends being struck by lightning ability at the same time;

The bus structure benefits the application of a plurality of weighing cells, 32 weighing cells of most connective in the same system.

2,Intelligent technology

Prevent utilizing simple circuit to change and weigh signal and magnitude;

Can change the sensor characteristic parameters according to the order.

Memory ability has avoided and changed the calibrate question after the sensor.

3,Digitized calibration technique of the platform scale electronically

Make the weigher lean towards in year (four corners) Normalize once to finish automatically;

Enable completion of range calibration of the weigher;

Can revise quantum coefficient and zero number value, coefficient and zero parameter of each sensor of the weigher depending upon need.

4,Fault diagnosis technique

Diagnose the ability that the weigher zero number value changes;

Diagnose the ability that the zero number value of each sensor changes;

Diagnose the ability that each sensor communication changes;

The address, with numbering the suggestion ability not accorded with after judging that changes the sensor;

Have suggestion ability to the error information of many kinds of operation.

Welcome to land company's website www.sh-yajin.com and have any doubt in the heavy respect of the balance like you, please contact us, we will guide you: Only buy the right one, appropriate, do not buy the expensive one! Welcome more than 4000217728 gentlemen 18717751110 of incoming telegram

Car wagon balance Quantum: 10 tons, 15 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 40 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons, 150 tons, 180 tons, 200 tons

Car wagon balance Size: 2.5*5 meters, 2.5*6 meters, 3*6 meters, 3*7 meters, 3*8 meters, 3*9 meters, 3*10 meters, 3*12 meters, 3*14 meters, 3*15 meters, 3*16 meters, 3*18 meters, 3*20 meters, 3.2*14 meters, 3.2*16 meters, 3.2*18 meters, 3.2*20 meters, 3.2*22 meters

Car wagon balance instrument: Mark and worthy of shining China XK-3190-A9 instrument, apolegamy XK-3190-A9P type list

The sensor of the electronic motor truck scale: Mark, mix the intersection of strength and the intersection of SQC and series Ke, the intersection of apolegamy and HDM, Dolly of Germany match Sri Lankan, majestic generation

Based on adopting the high-accuracy sensor of C3 grade, the digital kernel of embedded BDM6100 high reliability, the scale span is exported yard in 30000, precision is high. The IP68 grade of laser welding is protected. (BDM6100 digital kernel adopts 24 high-accuracy A/D chip and technical grade high reliability MCU and unique data processing algorithm of U.S.A.'s technical grade, whole the intersection of kernel and module work high-efficient, smoothness, stability, make whole characteristic stable and reliable sensor its)

Digital image output adopts the big factory RS485 chip communication of the international famous brand, 1200m distant transmission, anti-interference is strong.

Digital standardization before the digital sensing device is and dispatched from the factory through multistage linear revision, product degree of sensitivity have fine conformance ' But the apolegamy computer weighs the software or figure to call paying attention to appearance)

The service promise after sale:

We have technological maintenance service that specialized technicians are engaged in weigher of all kinds of measurement / instrument, and set up specialized maintenance service team, can offer service of giving the customer better and more prompt maintenance and after sale.

Service content is as follows:

1,Serve you in 48 hours in the neighbourhood of Shanghai.

2,The electronic scale bought from inferior Tianjin in Shanghai offers the free service in one year.

3,Sell / maintain every typological electronic scale of every brand,etc.

4,Offer the changes of fittings such as the sensor, battery, conversion power source and display unit,etc..

5,Design and install the mechanical scale, repacking electronic scale, for instance: Platform scale, motor truck scale machine change the electricity, develop various nonstandard platform scale, wagon balance,etc. according to customer's request

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