20 tons of fixed platform scales 3x20m of Xinjiang

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20 tons of fixed platform scales 3x20m of Xinjiang

Great in Tianjin to hit the electronic weigher Science Technologies Co., Ltd.

Name: Electronic motor truck scale

Type: SCS

Quantum: 10 tons - 200 tons

Contact: High gentleman

The electronic motor truck scale lets too: National standard type electronic motor truck scale, digital electronic motor truck scale, explosion-proof electronic motor truck scale, portable electronic motor truck scale, exporting electronic motor truck scale, walkie electronic axle load balance, walkie motor truck scale, analog electronic motor truck scale

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The function characteristic of the electronic motor truck scale:

Self-checking function, memory function of tare weight

Set up overladen limit, quantum auto-switch, axle and measure the function;

The welding procedure of tag, all technical grade components

Have complete self-checking function and many kinds of information prompt of making mistakes;

All-digital to revise four mao automatically to make to debug and save worry even more, save effort even more;

Can set up tracking coverage of zero, starting up zero setting range and key set zero setting range;

Have rigorous clock, calendar, automatic leap year, leap month, do not receive and break the film and blow loudly;

Strong data supervisory function, can carry on the storage of data recording, check, delete, print etc. to deal with.

Can print diversified forms of Chinese and weigh the record with various wire printer corollary use,

Can print log sheet, categorised statistical report form, the report forms of the job parameters and marking rate of different total report form, display unit;

Individualization is printed: Users can work out one pound of form forms printed by oneself, print user's own unit name, print description of cargo of Chinese character,etc.;

The products make up and sketch:

1,Explosion suppression type is disposed: Calling unexplosive, paying attention to appearance, the unexplosive sensors, unexplosive terminal box are all put in the danger area.

Characteristic: Because unexplosive claimed to pay attention to appearance to locate in the hazardous area, the one that linked with it selected the fittings to all require unexplosive, a lot of select fittings not to have unexplosive products at present, limit the expansion in function of the products. Products that produce by oneself have the intersection of unexplosive and large screen can choose in being great, in order to meet outdoor requirement to reveal the weight. The above-mentioned electric part is all analog.

2,The compound type is disposed: It is not the unexplosive that claim to pay attention to appearance to put in the safety zone, body of balance and sensor, terminal box will be put in the danger area.

Characteristic: Because the instrument located in the safety zone, the one that linked with it selected the fittings to all connect, for example all right apolegamies such as printer, weighing the management software, computer,etc., the expanding is high functionally. While needing outdoor large screen display separately, can connect the unexplosive large screen. Electric parts are all analog.

20 tons of fixed platform scales 3x20m of Xinjiang

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