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The product brief introduction characteristic instrument of EDX8600 recommends the XRF energy dispersion X fluorogenic spectrometer EDX8600/ROHS detector / halogenic detector / ROHS tester to specially direct against Design a product in orders in environment protecting mode such as halide-free, ROHS, EN71,etc.. Su Li 15206209717

Instrument specially directs the Model EDX8600 against the halide-free (F, Cl, Br, I) ,Design a product in orders in environment protecting mode such as ROHS,etc.. Can also reply: RoHS order, EN71-3 toy order, 94/62 / EC pack specialized detecting instruments in environment protecting mode of order such as the order,etc.. It is tested that the range is from sulphur (S) Get to uranium (U) .

First. . Characteristic of the products

1. EDX8600 specially designed a product to orders in environment protecting mode such as halide-free, RoHS, EN71,etc..

2. Break the rectilineal design of the traditional instrument, adopt and flow the whole design of wire body, the instrument is fashionable and in good taste.

3. Adopt the newest Si-pin probe of U.S.A., electric refrigeration but not liquid nitrogen refrigerate, the volume is little, data analysis is accurate and maintains the low cost.

4. Adopt SES signal processing system researched and developed independently, improve the metric degree of sensitivity effectively, let measurement be more accurate.

5. One-key type automatic test, use simpler, more convenient, the humanization of interface.

6. Seven kinds of light paths correct the accurate lineal interconnected system, according to different sample auto-switch.

7. Multiple to prevent radiation leakage from being designed, the radioprotective rank is that a like product is superfine.

8. Optimize integrated scattered thermal design, make the complete machine distribute thermal behavior to get and improve more greatly, have guarantee operation safety of key parted.

9. Unique the intersection of inner works and temperature control technology, ensure the safety of radiation source reliability service, its life time of effective extension, reduce the use cost.

10. Multiple instrument fittings protection system, and can control in the whole journey through the software, let instrument work more steady, safer.

11. ROHS specialized testing software, the standard window is designed, the interface is friendly, easy to operate.

12. This machine adopts USB2.0 interface, guarantee the valid transmission of accurate high speed of data effectively.

Two. Working condition:

Operating temperature: 15-30

Relative humidity: 40%- 70%

Power: AC : 220V

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