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Fusing index tester is suitable for the thermoplastic plastic of fusing with lower degree of viscosity, the measuring method is to stipulate the temperature, loading and piston under conditions such as the inner position of round pole,etc., determine the fusing plastic and crowd the speed of the thin hole pattern of a prescribed length and diameter by measurement method of the timing, in order to differentiate the homogeneity of polymer flow rate in the process for preparing. This machine accords with ASTM, ISO, JIS, CNS norm and determines the standard.

Name or description: Fusing index tester

Type: GT-RR-400

Fusing index tester parameter:

Temperature control

The normal atmospheric temperature is 400 , PID control, precision is 1 of (protect including overtemperature)


1000g, 2160g, 3800g, 5000g, 7160g, 10000g, 12500g, 21600g (chose any one kind of them)

Automatic shearing device

Automatic shearing, the manual shearing can be chosen, presume time 0.1~999.9min presumes arbitrarily


The mercury temperature counts 150 , 200 , 250 , 300 (chose any one kind of them) ,One cleaning brush, the number of the siphunculus device is one, lead one material rod, one sight glass, bakelite feedstock one hopper, shave glue three slices of steel sheet, thin hole pattern examines two established rules

Try the weight and hoist or lower the system in atmospheric pressure

Can appoint to install


40* 51* 1500px


42kg (excluding the weight)


1, AC220V, 5A

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