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Commodity name: The doctor Yes Bushnell8X42 binoculars 244208
Products type: Binoculars
The code number of the products: 244208
Magnification: 8X
Diameter of the object glass (mm) : 42
Focusing system: The centre focuses on
The structure of the edge glass: Roof
Prism glass: Bak-4
The metallic-membrane plating of lens: Multi-layer metallic-membrane plating of the whole surface
Visual field( Meter of 1000 meters) : 142
Weight ( Gram) : 690
Waterproof, antifogging function: Yes
The tripod is supported: Yes

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Straight line: The service hotline of 0755-8395-864124 hour: 159-9479-5553 (Jiang Yong / gentleman)

The address of sales department: Guangdong Province the intersection of Shenzhen and the intersection of Feitian and the intersection of district and Binhe Road remit Hong Kong the intersection of famous site and first layers of No., B025 of retail shop,

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