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Taste the outstanding test instrument limited company, is mainly engaged in the scientific research, produces, sells and the service of climate environment and reliability test unit. The company products are that the spark science and technology of Jiangsu Province support the project, company's address is in order to lie in national scientific and technological industry district - famous mathematician Hua Luogeng's homeland: Jiangsu Province Jintan City economic development zone. From Changzhou railway station and a drive of about one hour of airport of emolument of Nanjing, the geographic location is superior and convenient deeply. The company is in line with Israel " Quality is the missions of enterprises " , " the service is the continuity of the friendship " Goal,last test unit test on all-round when offering to customering, is it high-quality.
The leading products of company are as follows, high low temperature (alternation) Test chamber, high low temperature are damp and hot (alternation) Test chamber ( Also call the programmable constant temperature humidity chamber) , salt fog corrodes the test chamber ' Brine spray testing machine) , the sulfur dioxide corrodes the test chamber, the mould test chamber, the test chamber of temperature shock, dustproof, waterproof (test equipment of IP outer cover protection grade) ,Light aging (ultraviolet light is able to bear the climate, the xenon lamp is able to bear the climate) ,Aging test chamber of the temperature,etc. imitates climate environmental test equipment and all kinds of stepping into test chambers, products apply war industry, Aero-Space, the intersection of electrician and electron, instrument, household electrical appliance, vapour to, rub fittings, the intersection of scientific research and the intersection of quality testing,etc. and all kinds of fields extensively.
The company has advanced fabrication facilities and craft, such as apparatuses such as numerical control punch press, bender, shearing board machine, carbon dioxide shielded arc welding,etc., make the products craft produced more consummate, the company bought-in component adopts the domestic, famous brand outside, for instance U.S.A. Honeywell, South Korea is ternary, France TE,etc., the refrigerating compressor adopts France's safe health, brands such as the German valley wheel,etc.. The company develops the specialized control device of test chamber by oneself too, incorporate computer technology in the design, adopt the intersection of large-area and colored man-machine way of talking of touch-sensitive screen, give play to the intersection of apparatus and fine characteristic and facilitate the intersection of user and operation in apparatus.
" the customer is satisfied " The intersection of company and eternal pursuit, company adopt " so as to really originally " Management aim,follow"quality enterprise life " Offer effective and reliable best product solution and tracing after sale to user " The nurse type " Serve, the company has been already through ISO9001 in 2008: 2000 quality systems will be authorized, the completion system of training, tracing after sale while guiding, selling before really selling.

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Contacts: Mr. Xue WeiPing
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Address: Phoenix No. 6 West Road of urban industrial park of money of Jintan City of Jiangsu Province, Changzhou of Jiangsu Province


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