SP20 pointer multimeter

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SP20 multimeter, Japan sanwa multimeter, the pointer multimeter has direct-flow upper voltage and temperatures that is measured, indicator reading is obvious, it is electrician's technical staff's indispensable service tool. Product quality is guaranteed for three years.

SP20 pointer general-purpose table, Japan sanwa general-purpose table, pointer multimeter characteristic: Direct-flow upper voltage and temperature measure and dispose 20 to measure the quantum Include for general purposes the intersection of 500UF and capacitor check quantum dispose apt to look over the intersection of instrument and oscillating the intersection of slope and support purchase attachment can measure direct-flow upper voltage and temperature separately

SP20 pointer multimeter, Japan sanwa general-purpose table, pointer multimeter technical indicator:


Measure the quantum

Permit difference

Direct-current volts 0.25/2.5/5/10/50/100 (20K / V) /Within 3%

500V (9K / V)
Alternating current voltage 10/50/250/500V (9K / V) Within 3%

DC current 50 / 2.5m/25 m/ 0.25A Within 3%

Resistance 2K/20K/200K/2MWithin graduation long 3%

Capacitor capacity 500 F outline value
Direct-flow high-tension electricity DC25KV (purchase the probe and use HV-10 separately)
Temperature -20 degree 200 degree (purchase the probe separately use T-THP) Within 3% ' Use T-THP)
Frequency characteristic 40~100KHZ( AC10V)
Built-in battery R6P (battery No. 5) *2
Built-in safety fuse ? 6.3*30mm( 250V/0.5A)
Size / weight H144 *W99 *D41mm / about 270g
Attachment Test wire (TL-61) ,Operation instruction
Purchase the attachment separately:
HV probe HV-10
Temperature probe T-THP
Portable set C-SPH or C-SP
Cartridge adapter CL-11, TL-81C
Test wire TLF-120

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