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Deep detector 1 of ZBL-F610 crack. Specialized intelligent detector that application ZBL-F610 crack depth finder is superficial cracks of nonmetallic material such as the concrete,etc. measure deeply. The system through a large number of tests, have simplified the test method under the guidance of rules theory, raise testing efficiency and result. Thus changed people in the past " The crack examines noing deeply " Idea. 2.The crack depth of intellectual interpretation of the characteristic characteristic, sew the direct display of the deep number value, the data are accurate, reliable; Chinese interface, the display information is ocular, abundant, it is convenient to operate; The analysis software under windows, powerful, data analysis, finds out, backup; Easy, and can produce the examining report of WORD form; The built-in rechargeable battery supplies power, meet the needs of rural atmosphere, efficient and environmentally friendly. 3.Technical parameter of the technical parameter Technical indicator Technical parameter Technical indicator Test the range 5-500mm reveals the definition 320* 240 tests the precision 5mm or greater than by 10% The common interface USB mouth transmits and stores 1000 of capacity to construct, each one constructs power supply mode of 124 cracks Built-in lithium-battery, can power 12 hours continuously The host computer volume 190mm * 135mm * 52mm host computer weight 740g (including the built-in battery) 4.According to the standard The ultrasonic methods measures the defective technical order (CECS 21:2000) of concrete 5.Standard configuration ZBL-F610 host computer Level changer Signal line Set rule Data line Power adapter Mark pen, tape measure Waterproof instrument container

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