Polling instrument of the storage battery

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Polling instrument SMITB915 of the storage battery
The storage battery is the final links on reliance of the system reliability. Also the most weak links of the reliability. The emergence of a lot of major accidents originated from the failing of the storage battery. Only the important system allocates the reserve power system of storage battery. Though some storage batteries are appointed from mounting onto withdraws from the time limit of running, it seems out of question. The real situation may have never used this battery and discharged. Once need battery-supplied power, and fail to confirm whether the storage battery can supply power, that will cause great losses, even calamitous one. So is very important to the test, maintenance, maintaining of the storage battery.
The storage battery polling instrument SMITB915 which Shanghai produces along the alliance utilizes unique technology, does not need to discharge and measure internal resistance and estimate the capacity accurately, find the backward battery ahead of time, guarantee the power supply system safe operation of the battery, and instruct the accumulator battery to run under the accurate parameter and lengthen the life time of the storage battery, call the police to the abnormal condition. The storage battery monitors the supervising system and already forms seriation online, it is 2V, 6V, 12V valve-controlled lead-acid battery and specialized monitoring supervising system developed for the dc screen, UPS power system and use, apply to important places and departments such as the electricity, communication, petrochemical industry, finance, railway and army,etc. extensively.
One the intersection of storage battery and host computer, SMITB915 of polling instrument, can manage the intersection of two set and storage battery, can finish to different to count monitoring of accumulator battery, manage only. Voltage, electric current, ambient temperature that are gathered battery, gather voltage and internal resistance of the half element, determine the nature the intersection of estimation and surplus capacity of storage battery. Have remote ' Centralized) Manage RS-232 interface, operation keyboard, display panel of Chinese characters, sound and light alarm and warning joint to export. The intersection of real-time display and battery data, stored data, inquire data, intellectual analytical data, call the police to the running situation of the out of order battery in time. Data transmission, upload the data gathered in the PC through RS-232 interface. May network connection realize long-range centralized monitoring manage.

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