30 tons of channel the whole electrons weigh portable axle load weighing apparatus on the ground

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The whole electron weigh platform, adopt frame rack construction that section steel weld on the ground, whole rigidity is high, the antitorque characteristic is strong, make up and weigh the system with the high-accuracy bridge weighing cell and weighing display instrument with superior characteristic, with abundant function, with various interface,etc. together.

Characteristic: Accuracy grade high, reliability fine intelligent intensity high and adaptive capacity strong and installation debug maintain convenient. Can apply to each trade of national economic construction extensively, measure the weighing of the completed car goods and materials to the bulk cargo.

Technical parameter:

Accuracy class: Accuracy grade grade in OIML R76

Systematic working voltage: AC 187- 242V, 49- 51Hz

Relative humidity: 20% - 90% RH

Operating temperature: Weigh the presentation control device - 10- 40 , weigh some - 40- 70

Gross weight of digital display, net weight, tare weight

Trends, underload and overweight when the situation display

Numerical filtering, automatic clear tracing

Grade IP68 of the sensor shelter

It adopt 911221886. " whether it is electronic for weigher in that a plurality of weighing cell " for X patent

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