The aluminium sheet examines the thick appearance

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The paint of steel tube examines the thick appearance; The paint of steel plate examines the thick appearance; Electro deposition examines the thick appearance; Steel plate thickness meter of galvanization; The aluminium sheet examines the thick appearance;

The coat of painting examines the thick appearance; The oxidation film examines the thick appearance; The powder coating examines the thick appearance; The aluminum pipe examines the thick appearance; The tube wall examines the thick appearance

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An product MT200 ultrasonic thickness gauge summary

The scientific and technological consultation hot line of a product: 136 9898 6822. MT200 instrument is the intelligent ultrasonic thickness gauge, adopt latest high performance, low power consumption microprocessor technology, on the basis of the ultrasonic measurement principle, can measure the thickness of metal and other many kinds of materials, and can measure velocity of sound of the material. Can monitor various pipelines and pressure vessels in fabrication facilities, monitor the reduction intensity of they after corroded in the using process, can process the part and do precision measure to various planking and various too. This instrument can apply to each field such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, spaceflight extensively.

2 technical parameters

l Display method: 128* 64 Chinese dot matrix liquid crystal display, high light EL is in a poor light;

l Measurement limit: 0.75- 300mm (in steel) ,The metric system and British system can be chosen;

l Velocity of sound range: 1000~9999 m/s:

l Definition: 0.1/0.01mm is (available)

l The precision of indicated value: (0.5% H 0.04) Mm H is the actual thickness of the tested subject

l The cycle of measurement: 4 times / 10 times second, scanning pattern / second at the time of the measurement of simple point;

l Memory capacity: 20 groups more ' Each group 99 measured values) at most The measured data of the thickness, can connect with miniature printer or PC, realize mass memory.

l Warning function: Can set up marginally, measured value out of bounds can automatic buzz calls the police to the limit

l Working voltage: 3V (2 AA measurement alkaline batteries connect in series)

l It lasts operation time: About 100 hour ( When it is in a poor light that not open)

l The interface standard of the communication: RS232, can connect with miniature printer or PC

l Outer cover: Push the aluminium-making outer cover, esthetic, portable, solid and durable, anti-interference

l Physical dimension: 132 X 76.2 mm

l The complete machine weight: 345g

3 main functions

l Suitable for measuring the metal (such as steel, casting iron, aluminium, copper) , the thickness of plastics, pottery, glass, glass fibre and any other ultrasonic good conductors;

l Can allocate the probe use of many kinds of different frequency, different crystal plate measurements;

l There is probe zero normalizing, bipunctate that normalizes the function, can revise the fixed error automatically;

l The known thickness can examine the velocity of sound instead, in order to improve survey accuracy;

l There are simple points that are examined thick and scanning and examining thick two kinds to examine thick work pattern;

l Can set up, lower limit on thickness value in advance, outrange autoalarm;

l There are couple states that are briefed on the function;

l Have EL to be in a poor light to reveal, help, use in the intersection of light and dim environment;

l There is directive function of soakage, but the soakage of the real-time display battery;

l Automatic dormancy, automatic shutdown,etc. economize on electricity functions;

l There is RS232 interface, can carry on data interchange and parameter setting with the PC conveniently, swiftly. May be connected the miniature printer to ' Producer's appointed type) Print the survey report.

l Can choose to allocate the microcomputer software, transmit measuring result, examining value memory management, examining value statistical analysis, print the examining value report etc. and enrich the function;

l Hermetic and metal-cased, small and exquisite, portable, reliability is high, are suitable for the abominable operating environment, anti-vibration, assaults and electromagnetic disturbance;

4 operating principles

This ultrasonic thickness gauge, to the measurement of the thickness, it is to produce the supersonic pulse to reach the body examined from the probe through couplant, some ultra acoustic signals are reflected by the basal plane of object, the probe is received and examined the reflected back wave of basal plane of body, calculate ultrasonic round trip time accurately, and calculate thickness value according to the following formula, show the result of calculation out again.

In the type:

H- measures the thickness;

Velocity of sound of v- material;

Round primary flight time in the test piece of t- supersonic wave.

5 instruments dispose

Instrument disposes Table 1

Code number




Standard configuration


Host computer



Standard probe ( 5MHz)




1 bottle


ABS instrument container



Delivery Attached Documentation

A part


Battery box tool



AA (the 5th) Size alkaline battery


It is disposed that available


Macrocrystalline probe ( 2MHz)


The micro-diameter pops one's head ' 7.5MHz)


High-temperature probe ( 5MHz)


Miniature printer



Print the cable



Management software of data

1 set

Application on the computer


Communication cable


Table 2 probe chosen







Measurement limit

Minimum pipe diameter


Macrocrystalline probe




3.0mm- 300.0mm (steel)

Under 40mm (gray iron HT200)


For the measurement of macrocrystalline materials such as the casting iron,etc.

Standard probe




1.2mm- 230.0mm (steel)

20mm * 3.0mm


Standard probe

N05/90 degree



1.2mm- 230.0mm (steel)

20mm * 3.0mm


Micro-diameter probe




0.75mm- 80.0mm (steel)

15mm * 2.0mm

For the measurement of thin wall and little cambered surface

High-temperature probe




3- 200mm (steel)


Measurement of the material below 300 for the temperature

6 working conditions

Ambient temperature: Operating temperature - 20 - 50 ; Store the temperature: -30 - 70

The relative humidity is less than or equal to 90%;

The ambient enviroment has not shaken, not had strong magnetic field, had corrosivity medium and serious dust strongly.

7 mainly reveals interfaces

Will enter and mainly reveal interfaces automatically after the starting up of the instrument, the following picture is shown:

Velocity of sound of material

Measured value

Unit system

Electric quantity of battery

Probe type

Record number / total number

The file name is called

Coupling marks the will

Operation suggestion

Mainly reveal the interface explains

The electric quantity of battery: The electric quantity of battery reveals

Coupling marks: Probe and examining the couple state of the work piece

Operate briefing on: Present ongoing operation or work pattern (FIL: The file is chosen; Number MEM: Read the data already stored; PRB: Choose probe type; VEL: Set up the velocity of sound; CAL: Quasi-state of school of velocity of sound; DPC: Quasi-state of bipunctate school; ZER: Zero probe schools)

File name: Present file name

Record number / total number: It number current record /current file in record total number (it is getting more expicity when in choosing the state in this eventing current record number; In total number of records in it is the current file that this project has not been chosen expicitily)

Probe type: Probe type is set up

The velocity of sound of material: The velocity of sound of material is set up

Measured value: Measured value of the thickness. Such as showing showing that exceeds changing or measurement limit, show that is lower than changing or measurement limit.

Unit rule: The unit rule is set up, the metric system (mm) Or British system (inch)

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