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It is a professional factory producing plug screw gauge that the time is reached, the products adopt the high-quality knurly bearing steel refinedly, products precision fine, wearability fine, application number, more, two year such as duration of insurance such as quality. The time reaches the smooth ring gauge to stand third party's examining, the time is up to all gages being examined by the third party unqulifiedly, unconditional refund, and bear all expenses, big brand, the products trusted are reached in the time. Smooth ring gauge can regard as the intersection of size and basic reference, also can regard as, compare metrical, it can use for check-up use at the his-and-hers watches directly, can accept that have the special specification type ring gauge made to order. Specification: 5-500mm check smooth specialized ring gauge can regard as the intersection of size and basic reference, also can regard as, compare metrical, it can be used for check-up using directly. Plug screw gauge operation method: Not examining can fasten with whorl rules coherent and be shut whorl through,and stop rule's if you can't fasten, shut totallying as whorl through (whorl stop rule's only permitting and examining into whorl two-section to fasten to shut, it can't exceed two thread pitches to fasten resultant) ,Pitch diameter indicating not to be exceeded the entity's dental pattern of its maximum by the function pitch diameter of examining the whorl, and the single pitch diameter has not gone beyond the pitch diameter of its minimum entity's dental pattern, then guarantee to fasten shutting and joint strength, it is qualified to be examined the effective diameter of thread, otherwise not up to standard. Our factory supplies the plug screw gauge in Suzhou, belongs to one kind of the screw thread gage, plug screw gauge which exceeds the diameter 100 adopts one pair of handle-types to be designed. If *2 of M120's the intersection of whorl and ring of plugs for whether pairs of shank design, make, use convenient, have more light measurements, the precision of the plug screw gauge is generally 6H, the connecting end shows the letter is as T, the stopping end is indicated by letter Z. It is a powerhouse in quay enterprises that the time reaches the Industrial Co., Ltd. in the quay city, is 6 leaders of sale for two years in succession of outstanding one in enterprises, take the lead in authorizing through ISO9001 quality system, our factory produces the reaching series of material measure of time widely and receives customer's favorable comment, it is the key enterprises of the North of China, the staples is as follows, smooth internal gage, casting iron plateform, examine the platform, measure the platform, the jig, casting iron, casting iron square box, angle block, the marble platform, marble plateform, the granite platform, lathe padding iron, padding iron, NC machine tool padding iron, V section iron, lean towards the pendulum meter, smooth ring gauge, the lathe is examined excellently, balancing stand of emery wheel,etc., the special nonstandard products can be made to order. Our factory has production experience for many years, the time machinery welcomes warmly all brothers and manufacturers' visiting our cooperation of factory, unless production is each advantage, go forward hand in hand, and common development,according to "" Quality of today market of tomorrow such as business priniciples, willing to pay the friend all over the world while being wide, produce need for your settlement. Welcome the incoming telegram to condescend to inquire: 0317-8221768 Mobile: 18733053859

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