GC9160 gas chromatograph

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GC9160 gas chromatograph

Explain in detail: High-accuracy, high-reliability temperature controlling system * top management circuit has adopted the microprocessor with advanced function, adoption of high-capacity FLASH and EEPROM memorizer, make machine format save more reliable; And the one that avoided and changed the backup battery is irritated; Not only improve anti-interference and reliability of this instrument, collect measuring, control, the power in a piece of electricity at the same time Integrated design of the circuit board. *Adopt the temperature-control circuit of the microprocessor, the temperature precision of the controlled object in every heating zone reaches 0.1 degrees. *The column case has double safeguard of ultratemperature. It is extremely difficult for the temperature of any No. to exceed presuming, the instrument will stop heating, and report the intelligent rear opening technology of the trouble location * on the display unit, guarantee the instrument can have the precision of good controlling the temperature too when the case temperature of the column is close to working at room temperature, and can lower the temperature fast. *According to the needs of user, the steps procedure intensifies the analysis of the complicated sample of carrying on the wide boiling point. The above-mentioned five items of technology, make the chromatographic column work to guarantee the machine format precision and repeatability of instrumental analysis in the stable temperature environment. The reliable data are the best assurance that you succeed. Temp.-controlling index: Column case: Have the rate of temperature rise of 's 0.1 procedure of 10 - 399 precision at room temperature: 10 - 0.1 - 40 at the time of 200 ; It is large at 200 0.1 - 20 procedure intensifies orders: Five stepses of sample injectors and detector: Room temperature, the above 10 , - 0.1 and * carrier gas air passages of air passage system of one pair of stabilization functions of of 399 precision are adopted ahead of the double stable design * of current regulator after voltage regulation Cut down and adopt ocularly, repeatability is good, reliability is high flows out the mouth on the front panel at * fen of digital graduation knob, it is easy to check and the pressure revealed the succinct man-machine communication interface that understood on the pressure gauge pre-column measuring *, easy and simple to handle, easy to learn and use the built-in word stock of country second of * instruments and adopt the large screen liquid crystal Chinese character display technology, reveal ocularly, easy to operate, is suitable for the China's actual conditions; *Very Built-in: chromatogram data analysis processing system of the instrument, and is furnished with the common printer port (HOST USB, SPP, ECP, EPP) ,Make GC9160 angry Looks chromatographic instrument have single machine can finish atlas reveal and data analysis, result print ' Common printer) Unique function; *Have self- diagnostic features, can reveal the trouble location; *It is strong in one, help users presume every operating data that touch-type; *The data give up the electric protection function. The data of working up the conduct that the instrument presumes can be kept after the deenergization for a long time; *Have table function second, can let users use in many kinds of occasions. Choice * packed column sample injector of many kinds of sample injectors, but the installation composition flows / shunts, it is all very convenient to install and use it. *Lack of mutual understanding wash sample injector, adopt the intersection of back pressure and current divider / split stream injector of control mode, the pressure pre-column offering stably, the ones that had raised capillary system are steady Determine the nature, is used particularly in the analysis of capillary column. The choice instrument of many kinds of detectors has installation (FID, TCD) available of two kinds of detectors ,Users can hold two kinds among them according to being selected arbitrarily by analytical samples: *Hydrogen flame detector (FID) : It is designed, has avoided the impact on detector of external temperature that miniature and embedded; The instrument has initiated and used very clear detection Sensitivity: Mt was less than or equal to 1* 10- g/s (straight cetane) 11 times Noise: Ones that are less than or equal to 5* 10- A * thermal conductivity cells of detectors (TCD) 14 times : Highly sensitive, dual air passage structure of the high stability; Adopt rhenium tungsten filament of four arms as the response element of the detector; The detector controlling circuit adopts the invariable current source to be designed. The degree of sensitivity: S is greater than or equal to 2500mV ml/mg (straight cetane) (can be greater than or equal to 3500mV ml/mg to S) Noise: Less than or equal to 20 V

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