Cement glue sand agitator

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Cement glue sand agitator of Model JJ-5

Designed by the cement of academy of sciences of Chinese building materials, it is the national standard " method of inspection of the sand intensity of glue of cement (ISO law) GB/T 17671-1999" Specified unified apparatus, are suitable for the mixing when the cement glue sand test piece is prepared, and can be used in U.S.A. ASTM standard, Japan's standard and carry on the cement test and mixing of net paste glue sand. Main technical parameter: 1, Stir the leaf width: 135mm 2, a pot of capacity of mixing: 5 L3, net Heavy: The rotational speed of 70kg4, mixing leaf: Rotation: It is low: 140 5 is high: 285 10 revolves round the sun: It is low: 62 5 is high: 125 10

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