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All automatic parts counter, SMD parts counter, the type: YS-802A

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Technical parameter: 1. Power: AC220V50HZ2. Function: 200CM600PCS / 3 of minute. The power that i s made: 30W4. Count the quantity: -99999~99999pcs5. Mechanical size: L470*W300*H180mm6. Weight: 10kg products characteristic: 1. The function SMD parts counter of leak hunting, the homework is simple and convenient, the forward and reverse is all isarithmic 2. Leak a piece of detect detector, but the empty material of Handover detect stop two kinds of states or not, the quantity of exact evaluation, the zero error 3. Can preserve parts counter some the intersection of material and quantity, help some material, issue materials and it leads the material homework to be SMT material belt type detail design 4 specially. The parts counter leaves the printer, scans qiang interface in advance; Can install on the parts counter additionally and scan qiang and bar code printer, it is convenient to manage the homework.

5.Compare with the principle according to empty material and real material light intensity, measure the empty material 6 accurately. Can control SMT part quantity in the factory in an all-round way, avoid the accumulating of the stock and fund, small, carry and convenient

7.The wheeled diameter of material: The wheeled size of any SMD material can all use 8. The interval of the strip: 2,4,8,10,12,16,24,32,44,56mm circulates and presumes 9. Strip width: 8,12,16,24,32,44,56mm

10.Both arms are adjustable, the speed is adjustable, all kinds of material is very applicable

11.This parts counter has enterprise's information-based interface function.

Applicable scope:

SMD material belt type part is all very applicable

The soft diameters of the strip are unrestricted, very applicable

The quality protects time limit: The source of Shenzhen is still specialized control system which Co., Ltd. develops of the automatic technology independently, suitable for all kinds of trades, the complete machine is guaranteed for one year, permanent after service.

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