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2SA turn round more series:

It is to the actuating device of all kinds of electrically operated valves in the open-cycle control system that 2SA turn round more serial valve electric drives, in order to control the opening of the valve and close, is suitable for discharge gate, stop valve, diaphragm valve, its derived product can be suitable for the valve of butterfly valve, spherical valve and isometric journey of air door, can be according to control command movements accurately, it is to realize long distance control, centralized control and automatically controlled essential actuating device to the valve, this series of products not only can be used in the hydropower station, can also be used in petrochemical industry, metallurgy, mine, public service,etc..

Main type:

I: 2SA3010, 2SA3011, 2SA3012, 2SA3020, 2SA3021, 2SA3022, 2SA3030, 2SA3031, 2SA3032, 2SA3040, 2SA3041, 2SA3042

2SA3010 LK, 2SA3011 LK, 2SA3012 LK, 2SA3020 LK, 2SA3021 LK, 2SA3022 LK, 2SA3030 LK, 2SA3031 LK, 2SA3032 LK, 2SA3040 LK, 2SA3041 LK, 2SA3042 LK

II: 2SA3510, 2SA3511, 2SA3512, 2SA3520, 2SA3521, 2SA3522, 2SA3530, 2SA3531, 2SA3532, 2SA3540, 2SA3541, 2SA3542

2SA3510 MU, 2SA3511 MU, 2SA3512 MU, 2SA3520 MU, 2SA3521 MU, 2SA3522 MU, 2SA3530 MU, 2SA3531 MU, 2SA3532 MU, 2SA3540 MU, 2SA3541 MU, 2SA3542 MU

Characteristic of 2SA30 electric drive
1,This series of products are advanced technique of absorbing Siemens Company;
2,The design is advanced, the series are complete, can fully meet the requirement of trades such as the hydropower station, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, mine,etc. automation control;
3,Reasonable structure, high versatility, can meet needs of different related function, install the electrical machinery control box (LK) additionally on 2SA30 Can realize and operate in situ,
Convenient installation and use, save the expenses;
4,Can offer more than two signals of middle way ' Namely the switch is to signal of middle way) ;
5,Have dustproof waterproof function, protection grade its for IP67, in conformity with the request of user also can offer protection grade as electric drive of IP68;
6,It is high to adjust convenient, control accuracy.
Technical condition
1,Ambient temperature: -20 - 80
2,Working rule: S2-15min duty in short-term
3,Power: Three phases 380V 50Hz
4,Protection grade: IP67, IP68 (special order)
5,Journey precision:

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