U.S.A. NIVELCO ultrasonic level gauge

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U.S.A. NIVELCO Ultrasonic level gauge

Brief introduction
The ultrasonic level gauge of NIVELCO Company is the outstanding liquid level survey tool. Used in the shell of tank, the pond, liquid level and volume measurement, flow measurement used for open channel of the reservoir extensively.
In in-service use, a lot of interfaces are unable to keep in touch, for instance: Corrode (acid, alkali) There is occasion of pollution on measuring device ' Sewer) ,Produce material to stick the thing at measuring set ' Adhesive) .
Because the ultrasonic principle based on non-contact of measurement technique of ultrasonic liquid level, so it is applicable with those liquid and liquid bit site unable to contact in physical way.
Excellent focus: Angle of 5 sound beam
Many kinds of sensor materials
Temperature compensation of the built-in full-scale range
Built-in second is struck by lightning and protected
Echo TREK specialized standard meter
Protection grade IP68
Quantum maximum to 25m
Line 3/4 make a plate copy, Line 2 make a plate one (but unexplosive)
Stainless steel superficial the edition ' It is refractory and high)
Supply power: Line 2: 11.4-36VDC
Line 4: 85-255VAC/11.4-40VDC,3.6W/
Temperature: -30to90C (PP, PVDF, PTFE probe)
/-30to100C (stainless steel probe)
Pressure; 0.03-3Bar (press definitely) /0.9-1.1Bar (stainless steel probe)
Quantum: 0.2-25m
Export: 4-20mA/HART
Protection grade: IP67
Unexplosive is authorized: EEx ia IIB T6

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