40 tons of heat-insulated electrons hang and claim it is hung and claimed that 30 tons in Shanghai are wireless

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40 tons of heat-insulated electrons are hung and claimed [it is hung and called that 30 tons in Shanghai are wireless ]

Different occasions use different electronic lifting hook balances, Shanghai pot opens up the electronic lifting hook balance to be divided into according to using the occasion: Look lifting hook balance, wireless electronic lifting hook balance, and high temperature resistant lifting hook balance,etc. straight.

----High temperature resistant lifting hook balance characteristic:

The high temperature resistant electronic lifting hook balance is as its name suggests used in more high occasion of the working ambient temperature, for example the steel plant calls molten iron,etc..

Good, stable dynamic weighing characteristic, not because heavy object is rocked and influence weighs the result.

Adopt 24 high-accuracy ADs, high-accuracy and with high stability what internal definition of 1,000,000 brings.

High temperature resistant operating temperature, are suitable for the high-temperature work environment.

----The balance characteristic of the wireless electronic lifting hook:

Maximum scale value: 1 ton to 50 ton

Metering error: From 200g to 5kg

Item Model: OCS

Standard grade: Tertiary balance

The anticollision of all steel is designed, without seam welding, anticollision, antijamming capability are superior.

Integrative type sensor, abundant test, the precision, double guarantee of security.

Adopt 24 high-accuracy ADs, internal definition of 1,000,000 brings high precision and high stability.

The battery voltage of automatic display of the turning on/off device, the low-voltage is briefed on and automatic shutdown, prevent the battery caused by overdischarge from damaging.

Mark and mix the wireless report controller, the function of controlled zero setting, inquiring, shut down etc. in range of 20 meters.

The overload warning reminds and reveals.

Available fittings: Radio digital transmission large screen, 300 meters of internal synchronization receive and reveal that weigh the data.

40 tons of heat-insulated electrons are hung and claimed [it is hung and called that 30 tons in Shanghai are wireless ]

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