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Forerunner's general balance

Click to look over the big picture Unique application characteristic: 1. Chinese operation panel- Make operation simpler and convenienter 2. The level control bubbles of the forward type- Help operators carry on the level control 3 to the balance. How combined fan housing - 5 slices of glass can be dismantled easily when needn't have any tooling, fully meet your different weighing the demand 4. The minification optimized is added kind and weighed - adopt the latest digital treatment technology, while keeping balance reading stability, improve the speed of response 5 of adding quantity to the trace greatly. Dynamic temperature compensation function- Often revise the influence on weighing the result of environmental temperature variation

Unique application function: 1. The multi-type weighs the unit- Milligram, gram, kilogram, ounce, pound, carat,etc. and very self-defining unit 2. The environment is filtered and set up optimally - Living environmental characteristic of working according to users, can carry on to balance high, middle and low to filter, set up optimally, thus make, weigh the intersection of result and fast, steady 3. Automatic clear is set up - the change of the environment may cause the expicity drift, automatic clear sets up the all right assurance even if the environment has change of minification, the balance still keeps beginning to weigh 4 from 0 grams. Classical application mode- Weigh the sum percentage and weigh 5 by the piece of work. Built-in to make the intersection of hung type and steelyard hook - meet user, go on, down the intersection of hung type and density measurement and weigh the requirement specially while being other, 6 of weighing etc. of the for instance large volume samples. Mark and mix RS232 communication interface- Convenient connection printer, computer and other peripheral devices 7. Second display unit of apolegamy - can reveal the weighing value on the balance synchronously, facilitate machine format reading

Classical application mode: 1. Weigh - the quantity that mode of this application can calculate single weight articles by the piece of work, the balance, through already recording the single heavy value of the sample, while weighing a plurality of samples, know the number that automatic display weighs the sample with balance, it can be used for inventory control, the part is baled, work of confirming, assigning and counting the ticket etc.. Forerunner's general balance not only has standards to count the function and but also have average one-off weight optimization functions. 2.Percentage weigh - used in the intersection of solvent and whom solution match, weigh the method extensively. Under this mode, put the weight for reference of samples on the scale pan first, consulting the weight will show 100%, and then put other loads will be by revealing with the percentage way after consulting the weight to compare.

Type Quantum Readable CP64C 65g 0.0001g CP124C 120g 0.0001g CP224C 220g 0.0001g CP153C 151g 0.001g CP223C 220g 0.001g CP323C 320g 0.001g CP423C 420g 0.001g CP522C 520g 0.01g CP1502C 1510g 0.01g CP2202C 2200g 0.01g CP3202C 3200g 0.01g CP4202C 4200g 0.01g CP64 65g 0.0001g CP114 110g 0.0001g CP214 210g 0.0001g CP153 151g 0.001g CP213 210g 0.001g CP313 310g 0.001g CP413 410g 0.001g CP512 510g 0.01g CP1502 1510g 0.01g CP2102 2100g 0.01g CP3102 3100g 0.01g CP4102 4100g 0.01g

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