Damp and hot testing machine of alternation of alternating temperature humidity test chamber

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Damp and hot testing machine of the alternating temperature humidity test chamber / alternation

First, high low-temperature temperature-humidity test chamber structural features of alternation: 1. The container body adopts the machine-shaping of the NC machine tool, the model is elegant in appearance, and adopt does not have the reaction handle, easy and simple to handle. 2.The container body internal container adopts and imports advanced stainless steel ( SUS304) Mirror faceplate, the container body outside lining adopts A3 steel plate to gush out and mould, has increased appearance feel and cleanliness. 3.Mend the water tank and locate in the right underpart of the controlling housing, and there is automatic protection of short water, facilitate operators and supplement the water source even more. 4.Furnished with the large-scale observation Windows to keep bright to enclose the lighting lamp in the case, and utilize heating element inner embedded tempered glass, state in the sharp observation case at any time. 5.Moisten the systematic pipe line and control the breadboard to separate, can avoid that because moisten the pipe line and leak and break down, improve the safety. 6.The water channel systematic circuit system of pipe line is adopted door typely and opened, it is convenient to safeguard and overhaul. 7.Adopt the double layers high temperature resistant and pieces of sex sealing strip high in order to guarantee the tested area is airtight between door and container body. 8.The left side of container body mixes the test hole of the diameter 25mm or 50mm or 100mm, is suitable for connecting testing the wired and signal line of power uses. (aperture or hole must increase to count to prove while ordering goods) . 9.The machine bottom adopts the high-quality very fixed PU movable wheel. Second, products use: Alternation high low-temperature temperature-humidity test chamber is suitable for Aero-Space products, information electronic instrument, material, electrician, electronic product, various electronic primordial qi one are under high low temperature or damp and hot environment, examine their several performance indexes. Third, high low-temperature temperature-humidity test chamber refrigerating system of alternation: 1. The refrigerator adopts France original packagingly " The safe health " Totally closed compressor. 2.The frozen system adopts the unit or system design of the loop at low temperature of dual type. 3.Adopt many wing ventilating blower blow, circulate with strength, avoid blind angle any, can make humiture distribute evenly in the test zone. 4.The ventilation flue circulates and outlets air the return air is designed, wind pressure, wind speed accord with the test criteria, can make, open the door twinkling of an eye humiture fast. 5.Intensify, lower the temperature, moisten system, can raise the efficiency while being independent totally, lower and test the cost, increase the life-span, lower the failure rate. Fourth, accord with the standard: Alternation high low-temperature temperature-humidity test chamber accords with GB/T2423.1-2001GB/T 2423.2-2001 GB/T2423.3-1993GB/T 2423.4-1993,etc. standards. Fifth, specification and technical parameter: 1. Type: The shape size in GDJS-100: D* W* H450* 450* 500: Mm physical dimension: D* W* H1150* 900* 1650: Mm power: 6.0(KW) 2.Type: The shape size in GDJS-225: D* W* H500* 600* 750: Mm physical dimension: D* W* H1200* 1100* 1900: Mm power: 7.0(KW) 3.Type: The shape size in GDJS-500: D* W* H700* 800* 900: Mm physical dimension: D* W* H1350* 1280* 2200: Mm power: 13.5(KW) 4.Type: The shape size in GDJS-800: D* W* H800* 1000* 1000: Mm physical dimension: D* W* H1450* 1480* 2300: Mm power: 15(KW) 5.Type: The shape size in GDJS-010: D* W* H1000* 1000* 1000: Mm physical dimension: D* W* H1650* 1480* 2300: Mm power: 16.5(KW) 1.The high low-temperature temperature-humidity test chamber performance index of alternation: 1)Temperature range: A:-232 - 150 B: -40 - 302 C: -60 - 150 D: -70 - 150 2) Humidity range: 30- 98% R.H3) Fluctuation / even mode: Less than or equal to 0.5 of / less than or equal to 2 4) of Humidity deflection: 2, - 3% R.H5) The rate of temperature rise: 1.0 - 3.0 / min6) The speed of lowering the temperature: 0.7 - 1.0 / min7) Mains voltage: AC380V 10% 50 0.5Hz three-phase five-wire system 8) The humiture of environment for use: 5 - 30 is less than or equal to 85% R.H2. The control system of running: 1)Control device: Import the Chinese and English of programmable touch-type liquid crystal conversationally to reveal. Integrated control device 2) of the microcomputer Accuracy rating: Presume the precision: Temperature is 0.1 , humidity 1% R.H, point out the precision: Temperature 0.1 , humidity 1% R.H3) Temperature Humidity Sensor: Resistance PT100 / mV4 of platinum) Heating system: The whole isolated system, the heated heater 5) of nickel chrome electricity Moisten the system: Externally positioned and isolated, the simple surface evaporation type humidifier 6) of the whole stainless steel Dehumidify the system: Adopt the laminar flow of the temperature of the evaporator coil to be exposed to dehumidifying the water supply system of the way: Moisten the water supply to adopt and automatically control. And recoverable Yu Shui. Water-saving consumption reduction 7) The interconnected system of refrigerating: The totally closed air-cooled single machine compresses and refrigerates way / original packaging France " safe health " /Totally closed air-cooled to reply and change the way 8) of compressing refrigerating Recycle system: Refractory air conditioner type electrical machinery with low noise. Leafy type at odds with the community or the leadership wind wheel 9) Safe protection: Have drain, shorts out, overtemperature, short water, electrical machinery excessive heating, compressor excess pressure, over load, overcurrent protection / control device black out memory 3. The high low-temperature temperature-humidity test chamber of alternation uses materials: 1)External box material: High-quality carbon element steel plate. Phosphorus gush out static mould deal with /SUS304 lines 2) of hair-line finishes the fogs stainless steels Inner case material: Tabula rase 3) of high-quality mirror surface of SUS304 stainless steel Thermal insulation CaiZhi: The polyamine resin is hard to sparkle, silk floss 4) of superfine glass fibre The architrave insulates against heat: The double layers are able to bear a sealing strip 5) of silicon rubber of high temperature ageing Standard configuration: Heat, defrost, enclose, light glass the intersection of Windows and 1, try on product 2 of shelf, test the wire hole in multiple layers ' 25, 50, 100mm) One deliver goods to the customers free, and install and debug and operate and introduce (until and the independent operation of the staff of demanding party is satisfied with) The principal products of business: High low temperature test chamber | High low-temperature temperature-humidity test chamber | High-temperature test chamber | Low temperature test chamber | Test chamber of temperature shock | Constant temperature humidity chamber | Ultraviolet light aging test chamber | The xenon lamp is able to bear the test chamber of the climate | The salt fog corrodes the test chamber | Test chamber of sulfur dioxide | Vibration test stand | Sand dust test chamber | Aging test chamber of ozone | Medicines stability test chamber | Antirust in the oil test chamber | Taking a breath aging test chamber | Box to drench with rain the test chamber | The swing pipe drenches with rain the pilot unit | Eyebrow pilot unit | Dry the test chamber under vacuum | High-temperature dry oven | Mould test chamber | The carbon dioxide trains the case | Large-scale stepping into test chamber | Test chamber of salt fog | High low-temperature test chamber | The temperature humidity shakes the combined test chamber | Test chamber of the high temperature ageing

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