AFP-8A Pitot tube

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AFP-8A Pitot tube

Tube Pitot tube series AFP-8AAFP

Make domestically absolutely most for the low price of strength, the Pitot tube

Operation instruction of Pitot tube. Before installing and using the Pitot tube products, please read the operation instruction of the products carefully!

Item Model: Series AFP

About products: The AFP series Pitot tube is for related departments such as the colliery, metallurgy, railway, building,etc. to ventilate the related ge that the work uses, counted and can be used to cooperate in the following occasions with various differential pressure. Determine the mine ventilates and takes the post as the wind speed at one o'clock in routers. Determine the segment resistance of ventilating letting in routers of mine. Used for appraising in mine main ventilating fan, characteristic of the office ventilating fan. Release and set tube midstream quantity free to determine to the mine gas. Determine the wind speed of the basic reference in the wind table check-up dryer.

Technical indicator

Type: AFP-8A Pitot tube physical dimension (external diameter D