GEMS small-scale pressure switch PS32 artificial rubber

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1. PS32 - artificial rubber diaphragm OEM of GEMS small-scale pressure switch

Sector application: Plastics / rubber, vessel, water treatment, engineering machinery

The characteristic of the products: 2- 150psi(. 14- 10bar) Original series PS-JL

Atmospheric pressure and ideal choice of the low water pressure

Adjustable or presumes in the factory in the scene

Performance parameter

Operating temperature -40H - 200H (- 40 - 93 )

Switch 100VA Max.

Repeatability 5% of the @ 70H (20 ) of the set point of maximum

Withstand voltage 500psi(35bar)

Inert zone Smaller than 5% of the set point

Physical parameter

Connect liquid ports Diaphragm: Artificial rubber (nitrile standard) (Viton? ,EPDM is available)

Port: Brass (316 available stainless steel)

Electrically connected and exposed terminal IP00; IP chooses IP66

Weight (invite) Brass: 0.14lbs.(0.06kg)

Authorize CE (limit voltage 42VDC)

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Mobile Phone: 13621692416
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Zip: 201100
Address: Road No. 388 to the shen good fortune of Shanghai Shanghai Minhang district


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