Exactly the same as HPD1000 function

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Exactly the same as HPD1000 function

Having disposed PCM filtering compensating device at substation undervoltage incoming line, the harmonic wave gets obvious inhibition.

Having disposed PCM multi-functional harmonic protector in the associated cupboard PLC, control room, the system halted of the control equipment restarts the phenomenon to basically dispel.

Third, industrial enterprise

In the industrial enterprise, have used a very large number of large-scale electricity consumption mechanical equipment and delicate control equipment such as frequency converter speed governing device, the intersection of silicon controlled rectifier and the intersection of agitation and controlling device and the same period controlling device and the intersection of DCS and control system, PLC, UPS, large-scale to control computer system,etc., all typical non-linear load. The normal operation of system of these apparatuses may produce the harmonic interference, brings unnecessary loss to production line.

PCM multi-functional harmonic protector filters the harmonic interference, offers the good environment for the fact that the apparatus operates.

It has the following several characteristic that the harmonic wave of the industrial enterprise is controlled:

1.To harmonic administration of electric side being to protect the voltage transformer, apparatuses such as the electrical machinery,etc.. Mainly choose the filtering compensating device of PCM undervoltage.

2.Cooperate with PCM multi-functional harmonic protector at the same time, control to the harmonic wave in the User Side, mainly solve the harmonic wave to PLC, DCS, the interference of the control equipment of computer schedule.

Because industrial enterprise various in style, every harmonic situation various, electricity Shen can make the opposite specialized scheme according to the detailed conditions while being electric.

Fourth, Aero-Space

A large number of modernizations, high precision, Hi-Tech, highly sensitive, apparatus of high value and device that use in the spaceflight city, such as the specialized precision equipment, communication system, computer, network control equipment, frequency conversion air conditioner, various digital office equipment, light adjusting and controlling, the fire extinguishing system, monitor system,etc..

The harmonic wave of Aero-Space industry is mainly shown as:

1,The range requires widely, will be controlled harmonic wave and User Side harmonic wave of electric side at the same time.

2,The result is expected much, the result controlled to harmonic wave and User Side harmonic wave of electric side is higher than the national standard.

The intersection of electricity and electric filtering lectotype of compensating device Shen

The intersection of cable and electric overall harmonic filtration system Shen totally suitable for the high-standard, high Aero-Space industry that requires.

PCM active electric electric-wave filter and filtering compensating device of PCM undervoltage, apply to the factory building of Aero-Space industry, heavy-duty equipment, main distribution loop.

PCM multi-functional harmonic protector used particularly in the precision instrument, the loop of supplying power of the apparatus, prevent the harmonic jamming equipment of User Side of high frequency from running.

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