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The ondoscope characteristic is summed up: 200M, 100MHz, 60MHz, 40MHz four kinds of bandwidth, nine kinds of types, the highest sampling rate reaches 2GS/s, see the technological parameter list; 2 or 4 autonomous channels, 8 vertical resolutions; Colored or unicolor LCD display unit; Support but the storage equipment of the Mobile Data through the front panel USB port; Pass USB apparatus port and OpenChoice and NI SingalExpress PC software, seamless link PC Print to the printer of all compatible PictBridge directly through USB apparatus port It is touched off that advanced, including the pulse width is touched off and selected the conduct video to touch off Complete measuring system, 11 kinds of automatic measurement functions, four kinds of available parameter real-time display; All type superscripts mix FFT; The menu is modal " AutoSet" The function, let automatic set-up be available too, operation is more simple and more convenient; Reliable probe check-up guide; Many kinds of languages interfaces are supported, the multilingual, the ensuing chapters are correlated with helping; Light and handy, portable physical characteristic; Guarantee the ondoscope limitedly all the life and employ the trade Design and debug; Education and training; Make testing and quality control; Service and maintenance.

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