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First, brief introduction of product

The high-speed recording meter is a new data logger that the big instrument Co., Ltd. of pool of Hangzhou develops by oneself, can go on the sudden change of electric quantity to record to the voltage, electric current, support to upload the data in recording, continuous record while recording the deenergization midway; Can real-time monitor and is changed by the electric quantity which examine the circuit, and write down the electric quantity that you examine, minimum record gap reachable 100mS, the recording meter has 6 passways that can carry on the record to the electric quantity of the multiterm circuit at the same time, and what these fields are adopted for a long time is the method to estimate manually, time consuming and strenuous, reliability is bad, can't measure sudden change in twinkling of an eye of the runtime of electric energy accurately.

Second, technical indicator

Recording channel: 6 passways are available

Record gap: 100ms, 200ms, 500ms high-speed recording, can also choose 1s to be (even longer) to the record gap of 24h

Communication mode: USB interface way

Initialization mode: Start immediately, start manually, start regularly

Stop the way: Record all over stop, stopping regularly, first-in first-out to cover automatically.

Memory capacity: About 2M byte ( 4096X528 byte)

Record the capacity: 216268 string record ( Measurement of the two-way electric current)

The record time: It is the 6 hours shortest (two-way electric current is measured, the record gap 100ms)

Real time clock: Hardware clock

Recording mode: Record all, ultra upgrade record, bow limit recording, ultra upgrade or bowing the limit record.

Overall Power Consumption: Less than or equal to 0.36W and less than or equal to 3W while charging while working

Third, power supply mode

1. Adopt, exchange the intersection of 220V and city power, apparatus at the same time can offer image output, 12V of , is use as transducer or detecting element, AC220 mains switch offers electric on-off control to the city, the mains switch of the control box is a partial power supply switch of measuring control

2. There are chargeable batteries within the apparatus, can be used in the data and upload and supply power alone; The battery is finished the management of automatic charge by apparatus, does not need to use the specialized charger.

Fourth, attentive matters

1. Under manual initialization mode, only is multi-channel, single channel, and the activate key can come into force at the the intersection of curve and interface.

2. Record the intersection of mode selection and ultra upgrade, record, bow limit record, ultra upgrade or bow the limit record, in the open passway, so long as satisfy and record the arrangement threshold touched off all the way, will record the data of all passways.

3. While using, should connect the signal channel of the transducer first, open the mains switch of AC220, then open the square mains switch, while stopping using, turn off the square mains switch first, it is input on mains switch to close and then AC220,in not recording can't switch AC220 power.

4. The power down takes place in recording, the state of going on and holding the record after power up.

Fifth, quality assurance

Our company serves user wholeheartedly, it is all right to design, process, produce according to user's request. The products are accomplished three guarantees. On condition that users observe the regulation for use, the instrument guarantees for one year. It is defective in quality to guarantee during this period, free repair. If cause the instrument by the fact that users improperly use to damage, undertake to repair the expenses, part expenses and freight charges by user.

The ZDR series recording meter belongs to the measuring instrument, in order to guarantee the precision is accurate, advise customers to measure, correct once every year.

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