Unexplosive high definition camera KBA127

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Unexplosive high definition camera KBA127

Camera mining explosion-isolation safety camera of camera unexplosive of high definition of high definition unexplosive of appearance camera of high definition camera of unexplosive

Unexplosive high definition camera operation instruction. In front of installing and using the unexplosive high definition camera, please read the operation instruction of the products carefully!

The products are described

KBA127 mining explosion suppression type camera is a mature unexplosive monitoring aid, as a section of classical products, it is long-tested, credible. This product can be applied to for example it is endangered in the environment flammable and explosive and gaseous and high that the colliery, well are inferior. Mining a explosion suppression type camera ' Hereafter referred to as the camera) It is DH that suitable for having explosive gaseous collieries. This camera adopts 1/2CCD solid-state device imaging, and transmit by way of two kinds optic fibres and coaxials, KBA127 mining explosion suppression type camera is small, light, require the illumination intensity to be low, a series of advantage that digital video is mere signal transmission, interference-free characteristic are strong, the high, transmission distance of sharpness is far,etc., it is ideal auxiliary products of DH industry's television system of the colliery. KBA127 mining explosion suppression type built-in ultra low illumination level camera of camera, can obtain the good monitoring result under the dark condition.

Job requirements

KBA127 mining explosion suppression type camera acts on occasions such as the mine,etc., can realize the real-time monitoring of DH staff members, so that deployment personnel's more valid deployment is DH works.

Stable operation for a long time that stainless steel structure can be under the temperature condition of 0 to 40 .

127VAC power supplies power.

The Windows adopts the special armoured plate glass to be made, robust while, have guaranteed the clarity of the image quality.

Possess 3 and appear in lineal hole, can use the unexplosive flexible pipe or armored cable to carry on unexplosive electrically connectedly.

Installation convenient, safeguard simple, can choose semi-stationary the Cloud Terrace, clamp stand, base, mast,etc., install.

Mechanical index

Material: Stainless steel 304 or 316L

Protection grade: IP65

Physical dimension: 417(L) x161(H) x152(W) mm

Windows: Thickness 8mm

The Windows area:

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