HDTUF2000H handheld supersonic flowmeter

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HD-TUF-2000H handheld supersonic flowmeter standard configuration:

HD-TUF-2000H handheld supersonic flowmeter adopts the low-voltage, multipulse transmitting circuit, survey accuracy, life time and reliability improvement by a wide margin; Pair equilibrates signals to distribute badly to penetrating, receiving circuit, can resist the interference of strong interference sources such as the frequency converter, television tower, high tension line,etc. effectively; Built-in can charge the nickel-hydrogen battery, can work for more than 12 hours continuously; The intellectual signal adaptive processing that is optimized, users do not need any circuit adjustment.

The world-famous semi-conductive production firms of application of a large number of HD-TUF-2000H handheld supersonic flowmeters, for example: Philips, Maxim, advanced circuit design, application, outstanding hardware design of latest device such as Ti, Winbond and Xilinx add the software design with friendly Chinese and English user interface, make HD-TUF-2000H supersonic flowmeter well received by the masses of users.

HD-TUF-2000H handheld supersonic flowmeter operating principle:
When the supersonic wave bunch spreads in the liquid, the flow of the liquid will make the flight time produce the minification change, the change of its flight time is proportional to the liquid velocity of flow. At the zero delivery, two sensor launch and receive acoustic wave required time (can measure technology of zero delivery actually while being only) ,At the time of liquid flow, the acoustic wave transmission time of the counter-current direction is greater than the acoustic wave transmission time of the direct current direction.

The typical use of HD-TUF-2000H handheld supersonic flowmeter:
Adopt the non-contact measuring way, the measurement limit is big, there is no activity machine component, not influenced by pressure and severe environment of the system, have already succeeded in applying to fluidic gauge work such as water, pure water, sea water, sewage, chemical liquid, river, fuel oil. The upgrade temperature of the standard sensor is 110oC, please contact producer or supplier while exceeding this temperature.
HD-TUF-2000H handheld supersonic flowmeter leading particulars:
* High-accuracy survey accuracy reaches 1%, 0.5% of linear scale, repeatability precision 0.2%
* Small light volume: 210* 90* 30mm, the weight is only 0.5kg
* Non-contact type measurement will bring the magnetic supersonic flowmeter sensor to absorb in the pipeline outer wall, can finish flow measurement
* The measurement limit chooses the sensors of different types big, can realize the measurement of DN20 - DN6000 pipeline flowrate of the requirements
* Charge built-in high-capacity nickel-hydrogen rechargeable battery of power, can support the flow indicator to work for more than 12 hours continuously
* The liquid crystal display of the large screen can reveal that accumulate the flowrate, instant flowrate, velocity of flow at the same time, working condition,etc..
* The built-in data inscriber of the built-in data inscriber, the space is 24k byte, can store 2000 lines of measured datas.
The sensor that HD-TUF-2000H handheld supersonic flowmeter can be chosen:

Other fittings that HD-TUF-2000H handheld supersonic flowmeter can be chosen:

HD-TUF-2000H handheld supersonic flowmeter basic parameter:

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