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With the domestic and foreign improvement of the harmful element control request, the serial instruments of X fluorogenic spectrometer that Tin Shui Company produces are widely used in every profession and trade.
This kind of instrument can be used in every profession and trade RoHS and measure to analyze
Ground ore and alloy ( Copper, stainless steel,etc.) Element constituent analysis
The thickness measurement of the metal coating, determination of electroplating solution and plate content
Precious metal and content of different ornaments such as gold, platinum, palladium, rhodium, silver are measured

Instrument introduction
To EDX1800 wide application in each field, according to optimizing the properties of product and improving the demand of the safe protection grade, especially design this sincere EDX1800B. Employ new monobasic high tension supply and X-ray tube, in order to improve the reliability of the products; Utilize high-power of the new X-ray tube to raise the testing efficiency of the instrument.
Characteristic characteristic
Leave the shining type: Satisfiable test demands of different shape samples
Collimator and color filter: The auto-switch of many kinds of collimators and color filters, can satisfy the application of different test modes
Mobile platform: This instrument adopts the meticulous manual mobile platform, it is more convenient to position the test point
High-definition detector: The advanced SDD probe improves analytic reliability
New monobasic high tension supply and X-ray tube: The characteristic is stable and reliable, the power up to 100W realizes more high testing efficiency
Technical indicator
Range (S) from sulphur of elementary analysis Get to uranium (U)
Analyze the detection limit reachable 1ppm
Analyze content whether 1ppm reach 99.99% generally
A plurality of arbitrary selective analysis and identification model
The mutual independent matrix effect corrects models
Many variable non-linear regression procedures
The numerous repeatability of measurements can be more than 0.1% (96% of content)
The long-term job stability is 0.1% (above 96% of content)
The accommodation of temperature is 15 to 30
Power: Exchange 220V 5V, propose disposing and exchanging and purifying the stabilized voltage supply
Energy resolution: 160 5eV
Appearance size: 550* 416* 333mm
The size of lumen of the sample: 460* 298* 98mm
Weight: 45Kg
Standard configuration
Move the sample platform
Unique SNR booster

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