Open up the appearance WP-LU eddy meter in Xi'an

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Instrument characteristic

1,There is good interference characteristic of resistance to shock, do not shake the undesired signal when there is no flowrate, operate normally steadily when there is flowrate.
2,Use 5 sections of non-linear correction technologies, the measurement limit is wide.
3,Choose the technical grade chip carefully, can bear the abominable external environment.
4,Take the list head of liquid crystal display, the displayable instantaneous quantity and cummulant.
5,Simple in construction and firm, without movable member, reliability is high, it is very reliable to run for a long time.
6,Fine antidetonation characteristic, it can be used for generally shaking the occasion.
7,Angry, the whole stable design of liquid, reduce user's replacement part.
8,The measurement limit is wide, the quantum to reachable 1:10.
9,Use the reliability principle to be designed, adopt low power consumption components and parts and surface mounting craft, up to 10 years.
10,Warm compaction compensates the integrated design, longe-lived, reliability is high.

Medium liquid / gas (including the natural gas) /Vaporized ' Saturated steam, superheated steam)

Requirements pipelike: DN10- DN500,

Plug-in: DN200- DN2000

Accuracy class pipelike: 0.5 grades, 1.0 grades, plug-in: 2.5 grades; (special requirement can agree to supply)

Medium temperature pipelike: -40 - 420 , plug-in: -40 - 250

Ambient temperature - 20 - 60

The ambient humidity is less than or equal to 95%

Nominal pressure: The flange card of the pipelike holds DN10-DN500: PN2.5MPa

The flange coupling DN10-DN80 of the pipelike: PN2.5MPa,

The flange coupling DN100-DN200 of the pipelike: PN1.6MPa,

The flange coupling DN250-DN500 of the pipelike: PN1.0MPa,

Plug-in DN200-DN2000: PN1.6MPa

WP-LU eddy meter

WP-EMF-D serial clamping type split type electromagnetic flowmeters

WP-EMF-C flange type integrated electromagnetic flowmeter

WP-EMF-B series flange type split type electromagnetic flowmeter

WP-EMF-C serial clamping type integrated magnetic flowmeters

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