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Plastic black brittleness testing machine, testing machine price of plastic black brittleness, producer

The department of Kunshan auspicious special tester Co., Ltd. specializes in the rubber black brittleness testing machine, kind and introduction about the rubber black brittleness testing machine are varied on the market, application occasion, using the range to differ too of different rubber black brittleness testing machines, rubber testing machine detailed parameter, price and operation method of black brittleness that the messenger calls to consult that welcome.

First, use
Determine the maximum temperature of the plastics when the sample under the fixed condition is struck and appears and destroys with plastic black brittleness testing machine, get brittleness temperature, can compare the sex determination to non- rigid plastics and usability under the low-temperature condition of other elastic materials. Quality of temperature and low-temperature characteristic. So is vital no matter in such aspects as control of scientific research material and production process. This instrument is according to GB/T5470 country's standard design, the cold apparatus of compressed mechanism developed newly. Apparatus this adopt, reply stacked type to compress the intersection of mechanism and cold technology, utilize the intersection of heat and equilibrium principle and circulate, stir way, reach the automatic even cooling, constant temperature to the sample.
Second, technical parameter
1,The range of controlling the temperature: -80 (less than or equal to 25 at room temperature)
2,Cool the speed: 0 -20 1.2 /min
-20 -30 1.0 /min
-30 -60 0.7 /min
-40 -60 about 0.7 /min
-60 -80 about 0.5 /min
Note: The environment for use is at the room temperature ' 23- 25 ) Leave and use, keep the scattered warm result of the compressor while working and can open all side doors.
3,After the constant temperature, the test 3min temperature fluctuation in time: <0.5 of
4,The physical dimension of maximum: It is 900* 505* 800mm (long and * high and * wide)
5,The physical dimension of the shop: It is 200* 140* 100mm (long and * high and * wide)
6,Cooling medium: Non-freezing solution
7,Stir the electrical machinery: 15W
8,Working power 220V 240V, 50Hz, 2kW
Third, structural principle
1,This apparatus is made up partly by body of host computer of the refrigerating compressor, heating arrangement, electronic control box, cooling tank, cooling medium recycle system, automatic alarm device,etc.. Start, refrigerate behind the switch, the break in of the compressor, the refrigerating system enters formal working condition. The successive work of the refrigerating compressor, when close to the setting temperature, the heating arrangement in the cooling tank begins to be offered heat in proportion, in order to equilibrate the surplus cold quantity that the refrigerating system produces, in order to achieve the thermostatical goal. It can make inner cooling medium of cooling tank circulate constantly to stir, achieve a good uniform temperature.
2,Carcase clamp of the sample
A sample can grasp 15 each time, B sample can grasp 5 each time.
3,Assault the device
Assaulted the device to assault hammer and self-locking mechanism to make up.
4.1A sample:
a)The drift radius is 1.6 0.1mm;
b)The gate radius is 4.0 0.1mm;
c)The clamp interval of wired and of drift centre is 3.6 0.1mm;
d)Outside and clamp interval of the drift are 2.0 0.1mm
4.2B sample:
a)The drift radius is 1.6 0.1mm;
b)The clamp interval of wired and of drift centre is 7.87 0.25mm;
c)Outside and clamp interval of the drift are 6.35 0.25mm
Fourth, operation method
4.1 inject into, freeze medium in cold well, person who pour into it should guarantee lower end of carcase clamp distance to reach liquid level 75 10mm.
4.2 powers on, Temp.-controlling appearances and time-recorder display lamps are on.
4.3 inserts the sample on the carcase clamp vertically. Insert should not high strung or too loose, in order to prevent the sample from being out of shape or loss.
4.4 when the temperature reach set point, push carcase clamp, begin to freeze samples, after treating the temperature stabilization, machine know the sequence controlled switch of automatic actuation ' Or press the stop watch) Time. The sample chills time to stipulate it is 3.0 0.5min. When the sample is chilled, the temperature fluctuation of frozen medium can't exceed 1 of .
4.5 pulls and assaults and shakes hands, make the impactor assault the sample within half a second.
4.6 take down sample, bend 180 according to direction of bludgonning sample into, observe and destroy carefully.
Bludgon into, 4.7 sample (pieces of sample allow, strike one only) ,If destroying, should improve the temperature of the frozen medium, otherwise reduce its temperature, continue carrying on the test. Through trial and error method, confirm that there are not disruptive minimum temperature and disruptive maximum temperature of at least one sample of two samples at least, such as these two results being pretty much the same at 1 , the test is over.
Fifth, testing standard
5.1 specifications
A: Sample 20.0 0.25mm, it is 2.5 0.1mm to be wide, it is 2.0 0.1mm to be thick.
B: Sample 31.75 6.35mm, it is 6.35 0.51mm to be wide, it is 1.91 0.13mm to be thick
5.2 requirements
The surface of the sample should be smooth, there is no outside impurity and damage. The finished product should cut out and make corresponding size after polishing. Our factory still produces other quality products: Electronic pulling force machine, rubbery pulling force machine, plastic pulling force machine, universal tester, omnipotent tensile testing machine, the aging test chamber, the aging test chamber of ozone, the impact testing machine of simply supported beam, the impact testing machine of the cantilever beam, the impact testing machine of the drop hammer, fusing index measure apparatus, abrasion machine of the roller, there is not trochanter that sulfurize the appearance, the test chamber of the black brittleness, low-temperature impact testing machine, the testing machine of black brittleness, plastic degree of testing machines, the pipe surrounds the rigidity testing machine, the pipe crooked testing machine, the densimeter, electronic densimeter, examine the thick appearance, heat extends the device, the dumbbell cutter, tearing cutter, rubbery mould, dull and stereotyped vulcanizer, 6 inches of glue smelting machines; Welcome messenger's incoming telegram to negotiate.
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Plastic black brittleness testing machine, testing machine price of plastic black brittleness, producer

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