Roller bearing mixer unit SRT101

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Leading particulars
Wave and roll at the same time, it is complete to mix, soft, do not damage cells.
Simulation fixed speed and digital variable speed
7 roller bearings, are suitable for various experiment demands.
Suitable for the sample tube of various specifications or need of the sample bottle.
Fixed cycle operation and serial operation.
Can use in 4 cooling compartments or temperature 60 and cultivation case of 80% of relative humidity.
Can offer the soft one, but highly efficient three-dimension is mixed: Wave and roll.
Have two kinds of types at your choice:
STR-101 type imitates, fixed speed 30rpm is easy and simple to handle
Model STR-202 figure, variable burning 5-80rpmm, the timer: 0-120 fen /continuously
Suitable for, ventilate, require high blood, viscous liquid, mix with the intersection of liquid and firm suspension liquid,etc. to those especially. Because have a soft one, but height

Valid three-dimension is mixed. The blood sample can avoid adding and resisting blood coagulation pharmaceutical, and will not destroy the blood cell.
The structure is firm and easy to clear up, the plastic roller bearing is safe and reliable, the stainless steel tray can be collected and spattered the liquid shed because of accident.

Technical parameter
The roller bearing is counted: 7
Speed: 30rpm
Roller bearing specification: 240

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