Weigh the module material reaction kettle unexplosive of the sliding pillar type and weigh the module

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Weigh the module material of sliding pillar type, the unexplosive of reaction kettle weighs the module, it represents the series to weigh the module 7MH: 1, Weigh the module SIWAREX MS and weigh module 7MH4930-0AA01 2, weigh the module and weigh module 7MH4910-0AA01 3, weigh the module SIWAREX CF and weigh module 7MH4920-0AA01 4, weigh the module SIWAREX U single channel and weigh module 7MH4950-1AA01 5, weigh the module SIWAREX U double channel and weigh module 7MH4950-2AA01 6, weigh the module and weigh the module and weigh module 7MH4900-2AA01 7, weigh the module SIWAREX FTC and weigh the module 7MH4900-3AA01 and weigh module SIWAREX the whole series 7MH: 7MH4601-1AA01 7MH4601-1BA01 7MH4950-1AA01 7MH4950-2AA01 7MH4950-1AK01 7MH4553-1AA417MH4683-3BA63 7MH4683-3BA64 7MH4683-3AA637MH4910-0AA01 7MH4910-0AK01 7MH4910-0AY107MH4930-0AA01 7MH4930-0AK01 7MH4930-0AQ017MH4900-2AA01 7MH4900- Weigh the module advantage: Fast, accurate, programmable SIWAREX FTA calls heavy module one kind to integrate in SIMATIC S7, calls paying attention to appearance programmably, multi-functionally type in C7 and PCS7 system. Through presuming FTA weighs the parameter in the module, can realize the following functions: Weigh the module advantage open, flexible SIWAREX FTC (weighing continuously, flexible programmable technology) Call heavy module a kind of multiuse and title with the programmable characteristic and pay attention to appearance, it can be used for belt balance, weightless balance and solid flow meter, it also can be used for measuring the dynamometry of the weight value. There are other relevant products in our company, you can see: The reaction kettle weighs the module, dead load weighs the module, move in year and weigh the module, unexplosive weighs the module, the unexplosive reaction kettle weighs the module and weighs the module material of sliding pillar type, the unexplosive of reaction kettle weighs the module, based on sincerity, innovate as the soul. Guard the standard rigidly, carry a contract, high-quality products, prestige is the highest. Responsible for products, make users satisfied! Want the market from quality, manage to want benefit while turning towards. Everybody is conscientious and meticulous in work, the company is flourishing. Weigh the module material of sliding pillar type, the unexplosive of reaction kettle weighs the module, SG - principal products of business: Electronic lifting hook balance Walkie ground platform scale Weigh the module Dynamometry appearance The electronic wagon balance claims Electronic desk balance Motor truck scale Electronic table scale Electronic balance Electronic forklift truck balance Wheelchair balance Unexplosive electronic scale Waterproof electronic scale,etc. consults the incoming telegram: 13482422422 reservation incoming telegrams: 021-67689703 retail shops look over: http:/www.shigansh.com.cn/

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