The concrete reinforcement seat moves towards the detector

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ZBL-R630 concrete reinforcement seat moves towards the detector


Distribute in the position of stiffening rib, stiffening rib in concrete structural engineering such as the bridge, tunnel, wall and moving towards, covering depth, diametral survey of stiffening rib; Can also hit ferromagnetics to non- ferromagnetic medium ' Such as electric wire, pipeline) Move towards and is distributed and surveyed.

The inspection of quality of the construction of concrete structure is measured;

Carry on the assessment in building structural safety and survivability;

Carry on the assessment, detection of double reinforcement quantity at the time of the transformation to the old structure;

And move towards surveying the floor or wall inner cable, hot-water heating pipeline equidistribution.

2.According to the standard

National standard in the People's Republic of China " concrete structural engineering construction quality acceptance specification " ---------- GB 50204- 2002

3.Characteristic characteristic

Initiate single probe diameter and covering depth high-efficient test engineering of stiffening rib of direct detection, the measured data are more accurate, more swift;

High-accuracy intensive muscle test function, prevent the leaking and sentencing to the phenomenon of the intensive stiffening rib effectively;

The valid assurance of work pattern of one pair of quantums measures precision and maximum and surveys the depth;

Boundless circle section, mesh scanning pattern, but the interval of stiffening rib of automatic measurement, stiffening rib distribution map of real-time display;

Three wheeled scanning systems are valid avoid scanning orbit sideslip, guaranteeing range finding is machine format and reliable, accuracy;

The autosave of the measured data, offer and count the analysis result immediately at the scene, it is easy to guide and construct the homework in time;

Strong professional analysis software, offer intact anaphase data processing and report to turn into and serve, have really avoided your worry.

4.Technical parameter

Applicable scope of type ZBL-R630 covering depth of the specification (mm) 6 - 50 maximum scale value of (mm) : One measure 6- 90 second quantity covering depth 10- 180 Cheng Cheng

Maximum permissible error 1 (mm) : 7- 79 2 (mm) : 80- 119 4 (mm) : 120- 180

The diameter measures the applicable scope (mm) : 6 - diameter 32 of measures the maximal error (specification) : 1's ordinary mode: Intensive stiffening rib mode: Sectional mode: Mesh mode: The signal wave reveals: --

Sweep surface range: The boundless circle data revise the function ' Interval / thickness) : Manually

Data transmission interface: USBLCD display screen: 160* 128 power supply modes: Size of host computer of the built-in chargeable battery (mm) : Sensor size 190* 135* 52 (mm) : 73* 93* 35 routes of device measurement (mm) : 160* 102* 79

Sensor of the multiple-parameter (mm) : --

Instrument weight (g) : 560 135 186

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