Coat and examine the thick appearance PosiTector200 in supersonic wave

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Coat and examine thick appearance PosiTector200 U.S.A. DeFelsko Company PosiTector 200 supersonic wave to coat and examine the thick appearance economically and practically in supersonic wave, convenient and swift, the thickness of many kinds of coatings of nondestructive measurement, including the surface coating of timber, concrete,etc.. Supersonic wave coat, examine thick the intersection of characteristic and simple and convenient - direct measurement, PosiTector200 of appearance, need, normalize and satisfiable majority employ and singlehanded menu operate and light brief on --Confirm, obtain measuring result - reset function, can examine coating thick appearance, reduce to happen the intersection of factory and the intersection of state and durable - acid protection rapidly already in noisy environment while being convenient, oil proofing, waterproof and defending solvents, dustproof, accord with or exceed the intersection of IP5X and standard - wear-resisting anticorrosive liquid crystal display reject - prevent from, bump into rubbery the intersection of protective sleeve and accurate - high-accuracy the intersection of quick reaction and probe and each instrument NIST normalize Certificate - accord with the intersection of ISO and 2808 and the intersection of ASTM D6132 and multi-functional standard - reveal that include mean value, standard deviation and measuring number of times - memorable 1000 groups to amount to 10000 data - built-in clock, can mark each store machine format time - can select PosiSoft for Windows software and infrared printer and in a poor light to reveal and the metric system make unit interconversion - include not Chinese Many kinds of languages reveal the type B/S B/A C/S C/A of the technical parameter measure range 13- 1000 m 50- 3800 m precision (the reading of 2 m 3%) Measure the overall thickness Measure and divide the layer thickness- - The waveform reveals- - The thick coating note on coating pottery, concrete, glass that the timber of typical application, plastics wait for: B - little the intersection of quantum and C - a large amount of S - standard A - high side type high side type reveal - displayable waveform or stratify the standard configuration standard configuration of the statistical findings to include: Host computer, probe, the intersection of standard and foil, couplant, take rubbery protective sleeve, 3 7 No. battery, the intersection of nylon and portable soft bag, Chinese and English specification, the intersection of certificate and size that waist insert: 146x64x31mm weight: 165g optional accessory PosiSoft Windows analyzes the software - can enter notes and annotations - print and reveal the fundamental sum editor's form - output file Or report form - joinable printer or computer interface Infrared printer- The battery-operated printer can be wireless from the instrument accepts the data Application

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